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    Section of my trading program is to exchange gaps. Next to no gap. So I will be waiting for tomorrow night to examine the charts. I exchange from 9:00pm-1:00am pst. 5:00-9:00 gmt. Apart from that seems like a lot of holiday liquidity at the moment.

    Many pips to all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So I'll be awaiting tomorrow night to check at the charts. I trade from am pst. 5:00-9:00 gmt. Besides that seems like a lot of vaion liquidity.
    Hey ,

    Yeah, this west coast loion makes for a few late nights - barbarous if you have a regular day job.

    We should begin to find some greater liquidity come back to the markets after this week and next week. I'm typically trading breakouts but these low liquidity transfers are (much ) more difficult to forecast, so until things begin getting back to normal I am trading with low dimensions this week - mostly just getting the scalper's mouse back into shape after being idle for a few weeks.

    Do you trade cable? There is a wonderful slug of news at 0930 GMT (0130 here) I will probably stay up for.

    Have a fantastic week trade safe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Yeah, this west coast loion makes for several late nights - brutal if you've got a normal day job.

    Do you exchange cable? There's a great slug of news at 0930 GMT (0130 here) I will probably stay up for.

    Have a good week commerce safe.

    No I dont exchange Cable. Right now I am sticking to eurusd. I tried to do more then one pair and it got to much for me to keep track of on my little laptop. . Starting missing signs.

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    I nearly forgot. . .This is NFP week to boot. Start of annually. NFP. This could be an week ahead of us.

    Many pips to all.

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    Hi all.

    Got my feet in the water last night. Produced several pips. Felt great to be back int he saddle again watching marginally normal charts. Made one trade for a whoping 5 pips. Closed it out early,, started reversing hard.

    Missed my great 5 min entry by 25 min. I had been running round the house trying to have household stuff done. Daughter tring to go to Europe for a college thing and neeeded passport information. The entire thing highlighted to me the importance of having details cared for before you sit down to your charts.

    Among the rules I have under personal preperation is that I have details cared for so that I have no distractions. I do not even enjoy the TV going. I usually enjoy a quiet area while I am trading.

    Private preperation is something that I have always believed was very important that people often overlook. I believe that an established ritual of preparedness is just as crucial as your understanding of using a moving average. I have figured out what it takes for me to be calm and undistracted. If these things aren't in place I do not trade. I have made far to many mistakes over the past few years from getting distracted.

    I am anticipating my chart time yelling. Perhaps I will see some opportunities to ch a few pips.

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    Hi All

    Once again weekly and monthly pivots are holding price. I'm waiting to get a move away so we can atleast get some direction into the market.

    So we wait.

    Daily Trading Sheet

    GMT: PST:


    Entry: Entry S/R: Target S/R: R:R ratio

    Period in Trade:
    Comments/ Observations:
    #12288;This is a copy of the trading sheet I use for recording each trade. What I learn etc..

    Each entry has a minimum goal. This is generally the nearest S/R level. Or with one system a set amount of pips.

    I also like to have my stop shielded by some type of S/R too.

    System is listed since there are 3 distinct ones that I use to receive my entries.

    Then one more thing I have added to my rules.

    When each position is closed, it's agorized as a win, lose, or fail

    Wins reach my first target.
    Lose hits my first stop. (I usualy move my stop incrementaly with price)
    Fail is anything between.

    My want with this is that my fails pay the costs of my loses.

    Well this may help someone or give someone an idea for something greater.
    I don't keep track of things on the pc as my typing is to slow, and it pulls me away from the chart.

    Many pips into all

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    Well I was finally awake to grab a nice move. This morning before work.
    I made a small part of it still running, following 12 hours a small 80 pips. The stop moves to new swing endings. See how long this can run.

    I take the first half at 10 pips. This pays for my own position.
    1/4 of position off in 20 pips.

    Last piece comes off with price action. Took 1/8 off in 30 pips. The last is what I mentioned previously.

    Last nights 50 pip move in 3 minutes. Shut me down.
    Moving to hit the charts .

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    While gettting ready to venture out this morning my computer gave me yet another sign. This was a nice bounce off the weekly pivot, trendline, and S/R line. It's at times amazing how well these pivots work.

    This run only had 30 pips for this. The daily S1 and 00 was sufficient to slow it down.

    That I am not sure how much I will trade tonight. Right now things are looking painfully flat. Maybe everybody is waiting for NFP tomorrow.

    Still Trying to Find a fib. Entry on my 15m chart. When they have happened, I have not been at the computer.

    Hope all is well with people who are reading this, and you are collecting many pips.

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    A 1M entrances have attempted and have failed at them. I'm begining to believe I must stick with the 5 and 15 minute systems I use. If I eliminate the losses from my 1m trading, then I'd be 1/4 of this way to my monthly goal of 15% growth to the account.

    Together with the 1m, I have the propensity to take to much risk, that's let the price run to my stop. Also with the added chart for me to keep tabs on, it adds confusion to my own trading. Then to make matters worse, what do you do if you get a sign with your 5m system, your in the trade and profitable. Then you get a sign in reverse direction with 1m system. This has happened more then once. It has a propensity to make you question both transactions, and both may be right. Also your assurance waver is then made by it. You see the problem?

    So I will scratch the 1m for now. Then stick with an pip manufacturer I have confidence in.

    Have fun. If you are not, stop and find out why.

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    Wish u good luck and hope can see at the very top!

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