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Thread: How long was your longest Losing streak?

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    Right now going through the one. 15 loss. Awful timing from past 2 months. Luckily current one is trailed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Right now going through the longest one. 15 loss. Awful time from last 2 months. Luckily current one is trailed....
    Gosh, you must have a lot of faith on your system. When I had that many, I would quit and try something else. Maybe that's my problem. At what stage do you quit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote The majority of the time when I have a reduction it is my fault - which goes on to show the market is not entirely arbitrary.
    Contrary to the view from the opposite side, the market is seldom arbitrary. And yeah, assessing the losing streak, whether it is one losing trade or longer, makes sense since we can gauge what went wrong, make the necessary corrections. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    LOL, it's among these days..believe me, not many traders especially newbies take the opportunity to analyze the reduction. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote as soon as you've got an edge it's no longer gambling. Slots, blackjack, these are real gambling games for the consumer. quote 1) By corollary, you state the home is losing money or moving break-even for a match they sponsor. Really? Any game really played against the home will have an edge in favor of the home. Games like poker in which you play with other customers are somewhat different, but slots and blackjack as mentioned above do not fall under that. You may surely make an edge on your own in poker as long as you conquer the rake....
    In regards to point 1, you are assuming all players are conscious of the edge and this is not the case. Take blackjack by way of instance, you may acquire an edge being a proficient card counter but just because the edge exists doesn't mean everybody is proficient enough to wield it and as a result the casino still offers the game.

    In reply to point two, my first reply was disagreeing with your announcement specifically that gambling doesn't have any edge for the gambler. Like many, you seem to believe that gambling begins and finishes inside a casino with is as much a fallacy as water starting and ending in the swimming baths. Betting is about you, it's a core function within our society today and affects us all, whether you believe it's absurd or not. Entrepreneurs aren't exactly the same as people who throw craps or play the lotto, but the fundamental activity of speculating on a result, taking risk in expectation of reward exists in all 3 cases. When an Entrepreneur takes a business loan backed by a business plan based on projected earnings, this will be speculation. The bank is thinking that the Entrepreneur will triumph enjoy the provider who is speculating on the overdraft facility given to the Entrepreneur. Speculation is what drives our economy, creates growth and causes bankruptcy. To use one of your own examples, yes, you DO suppose if you go to college and invest 4 decades of your life researching a specific topic in the expectation of progressing into a fantastic job at the conclusion of the process.

    This comes down to how you define speculation, looking beyond the limited, misinformed definition the media and public provides. When you strip down the activity to it's basic components, it's basically the process of bearing risk in expecting of reward. It's possible to describe this as betting, trading, investing or speculation... whichever one suits you personally. Either way your original sweeping statement that gambling doesn't have any edge is incorrect. Even if you prefix that with casino gambling doesn't have any edge... it's still incorrect.

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    It all depends on your egy and risk/reward etc;

    For instance when you've got a trading egy where you win 8 out of 10 trades, your losing streaks will be approximately 4 trades max, where as someone who has a egy winning 4 out of 10 trades using a decent risk reward, then they can go 8 or more trades without a win. It all varies from egies.

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    Depends on the RR I have, which is now around 1.2 Bonus to 1 to 2 Risk, therefore I have like highest 3 losers in a row, however very rarely, as I have multiple orders on, and they're hedged therefore I dont actually allow the Equity go below -6 or -7% DD of the Balance.

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