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Thread: How do forex traders predict price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yes, I'm new here, but I use to post in many forums, this isn't new to me. However I take criticism, so I dont take negativeness. . .and I know every one quite well. Welcome to my remarks....only if you are positive othewise I dont care to much...(I'm already full of negative folks, I dont squander much time on these, so if you are one of these I dont devote more time replying -I wont answer to NUBCAKE some more, he is negative-...I dont know well about you yet...).
    Do not be concerned about answer to little ol me, forexintradi. Here is hoping that you leave your mark in the largest of trading forums. Awaiting your Trading Systems thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Don't be worried about answer to little ol me, . Here is hoping that you leave your mark at the biggest of trading forums. Awaiting your very first Trading Systems thread!
    Hahaha...I'm not worried at all!!!
    I don´t attempt to leave any mark. . .just giving ideas, if someone believe these are useful that´s ideal for me. I just try to add something and help if at all possible, that´s why I don´t accept negativeness...
    Therefore, I guess it's better if everybody post something that could help somebody instead assert if I use or not 1 tool to guide me. . .sorry but I am not one of these dumb guys looking around.
    I feel blessed of having learned this way of trading, and I like to talk about it to help. I am not planning to fight. . .not my style and don´t take it private, I am speaking in general (I'm really filled with those folks whose don´t make a dime Forex, and stay the whole freaking day being unwanted in forums), I guess you're not among these (I believe Nubcake is), I only believe you don´t understand me and possibly therefore you misunderstood my articles. Have.

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    Usual disclaimer for more threads: Haven't read every article, don't care to do this

    I seldom forecast a price. All I care about is will the movement be larger than my spread commission. Depending on the pattern I intent to trade I might predict a price that's very likely to be attained (mostly the case with [repeating] mean reversals) in different cases I just move my SL with me. It is a bit hard to explain but I'm really not that interested in where the price is currently and where it may finish all I care about is a movement that's strong enough to make a profit. Could be 1 pip or even 10 or the rare 120 pips runner.

    I'm on the 1m chart, I don't care for egies described onforexintuitiveor anywhere else. I'm trading some kind of technical pattern with a bit of momentum related advice mixed in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Again, you dont explain your argument. Should I use Fibonacci with some aid, resistence or retraction for a guide to leave the market doesnt change anything within my general post and trading style without any indiors. And more, what's your point? I only stated how I transaction, so if someone is tired of using a lot of BS tough in most of courses and brokers instruction. . .there is other ways to operate the market. In case you dont like it, nice to me...I dont pretend anything with my article. . .capisce...
    You contradict yourself and only drop this nebulous nonsense on the forum as though it is helpful. Once you get your own story straight then perhaps you are able to offer wisdom and value, until then you're only a walking contradiction hoping others will give you a tap on the back only for making a post on the forum. That is not how it functions.

    I explained the problem perfectly, you just don't grasp the simplest of things which is not surprising for a person who spends an entire article talking about naked charts and in the conclusion talks about fibonacci. What I do not know is the way you do not know. It is not a riddle. It is not a mystery. How can you see that you totally contradicted yourself?

    Oh, and what a surprise that you're anti-stoploss. Get lost.

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    hahaha. . .learn reading. I am anti stoploss??? . . .hahaha. . .go back to school, I know now what your problem is. . .you cant see. I am sorry you didnt get a fantastic eduion. . .sorry, sorry, sorry...I didn´tt feign bully you. This is my final post to you because oil and water can´t mix...I really could get soak of you!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hahaha.. .learn studying first. I am anti stoploss??? . . .hahaha. . .go back to school, I know now what your difficulty is. . .you cant read. I am sorry you didnt get a fantastic eduion. . .sorry, sorry, sorry...I didntt feign bully you. This is my last post to you because oil and water cant mix...I could capture soak of you!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    You know what? You are right. Now that I have you and tradability on ignore I perplexed whose show post button I'd clicked while reading that other thread, and perplexed your post with his.

    I retract the quip about stop-losses.

    You are still a contradictory fool, nonetheless.

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    Its easier to forecast price in the long term NOT brief term.can you accurately forecast price on a 1 min or 5 minute chart ofcourse NOT

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    The very best approach to understand how price goes for novices would be to study one pair. Perform in the MT4 egy tester as far as you can stand and use as many distinct indiors to help keep it fresh. In the end I've found the indiors unreliable. The secret is to remember that the banks are shing the Foreign Exchange market. After playing in the egy tester over and you may come to recognize the banks manipulation patterns, then you simply ride the wave! Here's an image of a nice tool to help make egy testing more inter active.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    the way to know when to get long or short? I really don't understand how to predict price and constantly betting. Thank you
    Predicting anything in the forex market is actually impossible. Your very best option will be to read the price action and behave accordingly. Anything you may read around the internet, no one can predict anything.
    Now, how to read behave on price action is the actual question. Price action reading signifies filming at the screen and taking a look at the price go down and up in certain recognizable patterns. With sufficient knowledge and training, you'll have the ability to comprehend patterns and trade them with a high probability of succeeding. That's all you can do.
    You will find excellent price action egies on the market. The ideal thing to do would be to use the smallest sum of indiors possible and to really look at the price. Most beginners make the mistake of thinking that they will find the perfect indior that will predict exactly what will happen.

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    The OP of this thread has never made a second post, so I suppose it proceeds for the interest of others.

    My view is that forecasting describes fundamental trading and odds describes trading. Since I do not care about fundamentals, I never predict. Since nobody knows the results of a news report, all you can do is predict, and that is a approach. It is much easier to depend on the math and use technical analysis. Is it ideal? No. It is probably however, and that is good enough.

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