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Thread: EUR/USD: IntraDay Scalping and Short Term Swing Trading Only

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    Cool thread for general, an upmove is coming....this week assume!!
    So buys possibly, huh!

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    If and now it is a big if....if we discount trade via 90 this morning, I think many scalpers will be looking for a sharp pullback at 97 similar to what happened at 3:50 this morning. But I think there's been enough accumulation and brief profit taking because last night that the move could last to and possibly through 1.1212 as well as 1.1227

    Looks like they might be led to the boatload of buy and sell stops at the obvious 1.12 place. Current BE is plus a couple of ticks. Currently still minus 23 pips to the morning.

    This OR this morning was so choppy.

    Is she eventually going to give up it this morning so we can begin actual trading now? Or will she snare a few bulls?

    Projected upper OR based on close-open pivot is 1.1202, can not see it on those charts but that is the number. Round off to 1.1200

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    Anyone else feel free to chime in and put in your 2 pips of transactions, analysis, insights and thoughts. It ain't mine although I started this thread, it's you for all which brief term trade EURUSD. I only ask to keep it respectful and smart. Comments that are vague like this week are overly general up. It'd be nice to understand if in, where at and where you believe that'll be out if you're in a commerce this week targeting an exit.

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    Got out of this long at 819 for a 0.9pip gain. That was a reaction down. Not sure if it will move up back and had been a stop amassing drop, but I reversed and shorted at 824 will keep this time to close stop off broker's servers. Still minus 22.5 for the morning. They and they aren't easily giving up the pivot stage upside down this morning and 72 downside 22, respectively. That has been a lot of force dropping it 5 pips in 30 minutes in this hour when all eyes are around Frankfurt, so I'll hang out with a short prejudice for the time being unless there's an equally strong move up over the upcoming few minutes.

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    This tight range this morning was brutal just stopped out with a 0.3 pip reduction at 1.11827 for minus 22.8 for daily. I could have taken a quickie prof but had been thinking they could break 72 this particular run, but it held and rebounded as quickly, before my eyes amazing. Of course as today is currently playing out, I flipped long at 828 it is above 84 bid now so I'm pretty much BE but nevertheless looking for OR breakout. When it happens it is going to be quickly and ugly or slow.

    This is painfully difficult to scalp here...

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    I trade this market intraday. Happy to place some transactions as they go together:

    First consider 7.20am BST appears market is ranging closely 11170 to 12000. Waiting for a test of either extreme to find out what happens...

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    appears to be some accumulation happening since yesterday evening. . .holding bouncing of 72 - 76 six times four times this morning. When it's institutional they are trying for 50 pips, more inclined 100 pips because they move the market 8 to 10 pips only accumulating or unloading positions without bringing an audience, so 1.1172 and 50 or and 100. . .upper goal. Of course we haveta pop and maintain 1.12 because everybody is looking at that level at the moment. A reasonable target at this stage assuming we break 1.12 is 1.1222 (72 and 50)

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    7.40am market analyzing the 11190s. Will look to Obey a breakout or a change if either happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    7.40am market testing the 11190s. Will look to come after a powerful breakout or a sharp change if either occur
    OK. BTW welcome, and your posts are insightful and appreciated. Knowing what other scalpers are doing and thinking, I believe helps all scalpers in general particularly if we could get information close to real time, I liken it to an internet floor pit, although many, the majority of us can't see order flow, we could view, anticipate and respond with others who are doing exactly what we're doing also.

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    Hi.. I'm not an experienced trader. . I have been here since EU was in 1.37, but kept buying all the way down. . So I have experience in losing transactions. . I enjoy the concept of this thread. . I like to trade intraday too, so I'll be in the sidelines, watching, see if I can find out anything. .

    And Best of Luck. .

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