EUR/USD: IntraDay Scalping and Short Term Swing Trading Only
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Thread: EUR/USD: IntraDay Scalping and Short Term Swing Trading Only

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    Before you post....

    That is a thread for . Trading length outlook with this thread is intrday to one-week max. Discussing trades ought to be shared in another thread. This is for EUR/USD day traders and swing traders.

    Feel free to post transactions as they happen. Please avoid posting results only, but precede them with your entry timing so others can get a feel for your time. Any rationale or analysis for accepting the transactions would also be of interest to other members. If you do not want to disclose anything proprietary, but it's clear.

    No need to article only pictures of how many pips you made.

    We are interested in HOW, WHEN and/or WHY you entered a commerce, and HOW, WHEN and/or WHY you left . Not many pips you created. Certainly include your trades if you're going to include outcomes only, and you believe you misplaced on the commerce. Knowing your rationale why you lost on a commerce is more informative than just showing how many pips you created without revealing anything else.

    Although newbies are welcome, this is a thread for innovative experienced traders to talk shop. Please focus on or markets as they pertain to a trade.

    DO NOT FOLLOW TRADES BLINDLY BASED ON POSTS FROM THIS THREAD. The OP of other posters or the thread are not responsible whatsoever for your activities. By reading and/participating here, you are aware of risks in trading and risks are carried on your own. No one here is responsible for any loss of money from your trading account.

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    It should go without saying however, do not remark sarcastically or direct snide remarks toward others even if you're just being humorous. Please keep talk to trading and trading analysis only. If you do not have anything trade associated with article, better to find another thread. Please prevent and refrain from unloading any trading strain here. It will not help you exchange any better and makes others uncomfortable. Giving advice and seeking info, searching encouragement and giving encouragement, taking and giving on the optimistic side will be exactly what this thread is about. Ranting about the markets screwed you on the style of various traders trading approaches would be best left to yourself. Asking questions if they pertain to trading is trendy. But, proceed and get their contact information and please keep questions that are private or PM someone, do not get too personal with this thread.
    ************************************************** ************
    Do not use this thread to junk services or products, there is just too much of that going on and we do not want the distractions.

    All members are encouraged to report any spam toforexintuitiveby clicking on the Cleanup link on top of the thread if the article does not belong here. Kindly request that you click on the Cleanup connection if you see any spam or inappropriate posts and report it. This way we could keep this thread relevant, on-topic and continue to keep a quality thread.

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    Update. Got stopped out over BE. Still down 28 pips for the day. 70 -75 seems to be a strong support for the time being. I flipped in 1.1182 long. Whether the OR support holds for today, will see. Cease is a couple of pips under the OR. This trade is really counter to my signals/indies. I'm only trading off the rebound OR. Would rather have a confirmation as well, but chose to try it.

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    Nice Topic hope you good fortune . .
    Happy to be the first replay ... if I am allowed I can share my thoughts of some Brief term trades on EUR/USD

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello. Nice Topic expect you good luck . . Pleased to be the first replay ... if I am allowed I could discuss my thoughts of some short term transactions on EUR/USD
    Absolutely. Please avoid posting a result. Include your entries as well should you wish your thoughts or justifiion to support the transactions, and once you have entered, so that others can observe your transactions developed to close. You do not need to post after if you do not want, just post your entry reasonably before your exit, so we know that it's a trade or analysis. Anything proprietary approaches can be kept secret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Surely. Please however, so others can see your trades went to close and should you wish your thoughts or reasoning to support the trades avert just posting a result after the fact without posting entry. Anything secret can be kept secret.
    Thank you dear ,
    Today the market is so silent ...
    My view :
    Buy @1.1181 (NOW) TP 1.1197 and no SL.
    If you risk taker ;;; open market order in precisely the same price with 10 pips target.

    Percent of success in my view 90%

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    Thank you for starting this thread. I'm fairly new (2yrs) at this and I try to concentrate on this pair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank you for starting this thread. I am quite new (2yrs) at this and that I try to concentrate with this pair.
    Welcome. There are a few who concentrate with this pair for the reasons that are obvious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I flipped at 1.1182 long. Will see whether the decrease OR support holds for now. Cease is a couple of pips under the OR. This trade is in fact counter to my signals/indies. I trading the bounce off OR. Would have a confirmation as well, but decided to try it.
    Moved stop to BE plus 1pip. My trade standpoint is comparable to TroJan at this point but if price gets there, I think we *could* have an encounter towards 15.

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    It's a still a little early on this particular day to determine initial direction. Market seems stalled at 85 - 88 since last day.

    Moved stop up to 84, 2 pips 87, 5pips, because market is postponed. It moves up or I search for another entry point.

    OK, got stopped out at 87, when I'd stored it 84 my trade would still be live, but I opted to reverse into some brief scalp here in 874 which is right over the pivot.

    We're currently bid at 844 and I'm moving stop to a bit below BE in 87. Last commerce was down 23 this morning, although 5. This new place is BE. Will see what happens. Market will break to either side of OR plus/mius 15 and I believe more stops are under 70 and 50 than above 200 at this point, therefore targeting 1.1140 with this commerce (which will be two concentric day support levels under OR). Of course will track stops to be safe.

    I will likely trade any responses against this trade go long once or twice while this one rides and let the BE stop take good care of my depart with this one.

    Signing off for now.

    Moved stop down to 82 currently at 5 locked. Here is the 4th period 75 was supported in the previous 12 hours, but market hasn't been able to pop it to 1.12 from here either. Not likely to counter trade in this level, hoping it turns now and heads towards 62.5 and then 55, if I'm incorrect got and 5 booked, but afterwards than down 18 for the day.

    Stopped at 82. Start Looking for next entrance.

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    Scalped a short at 801 but got stopped at 867, minus 5.6 pips, down 23.6 for daily.

    Long today from 878 with initial stop at 76. Allowed myself to get whipsawed instead of taking the response. Target is 15p above pivot after which 30 above pivot. If this one develops before Frankfurt starting in 2 14, we'll will see.

    Edit: whipped and stopped for another loss of 7.1 p, down 30.7 for the day. Reversed to short at 1.11813. 5th time to test 72 will be the one to plow through. After hitting 72 region the reactions have been getting smaller and shorter, and similar in range to reactions near the close of yesterday. Will will see a sell off this time and continuation down from yesterday? Goal 1.11450.

    The one thing that's nagging me at the back of my head is that OBV is upticking during all of this, which many times is a indiion of accumulation.

    Closed short for 2 ticks (not pip), minus 23.4 for the day, reversed to long at 809, trade looks very precarious right now. Needs to electricity through 87 to even get near 1.12.

    Current trade today breaking. . .could be the start of this morning's first swing...

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