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    Woohoo!! It's my first article. I have been trading for just over a month and I'm addicted. I adore this stuff to some point where I feel it was my calling which I eventually descovered after years of hunting for a few fullfillment other than PC Games. I have been playing 100$ now for nearly a monht, I loose and I triumph and through personal journal and a lot of mind power I am starting to see a diffirence. I have been through all the systems, and very early I realized that most of the systems are based on what the candle is showing right now. I want to learn what will occur later on. I step into a zone where I am almost to the point of sense that the market like a super hero. I'm not necessarily accurate and it may result in some fruion at times, but like a sucker to love I return.

    Now that you understand exactly what this newbie is all about, my question to everybody atforexintuitiveis there something I could use that simulates the weekly trading over a weekend. I only wish to practise some fundementals of trading to get a consistant feel. During week days I'm employed at a company and I do not always have time to try out something. Even if there is Meta trader attribute I can use I'll be happy, I am not knowledgeable about this software. Even better if there is some site that may simulate a week trading throughout the weekends. I believed UMOO would assist but it runs week days only. Perhaps the answer is right underneath my nose and possibly you can help me. Continue the good work FF, and most of the traders that have submitted here, every bit of counsel and information has helped me to get a lot of confidence in my trading. Have a wonderful day.

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    You can scroll back your chart and hit F12 and proceed to the chart one pub at a time. As stated earlier it's possible to run vHands which I here is great and there's another one called trade simulator found HERE which I hear is easier to use compared to vHands (I really don't know personally, just word of mouth). Each of the above methods are free. If you would like to pay money, I have heard a lot of great things about Forex Tester 2.

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    Last time I checked, Vhand merely let you use 1 time frame, is this true?

    I utilize Forex Tester instead. Looks like mt4, only thing is that the indior list is chiefly default like mt4, if you use custom indiors ,then your out of luck unless u know how to program in their language, I only use the fundamentals sr, pivots, fibs. Stoch.

    Pm me if you want it. .


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    Sorry to be bumping a 5 year-old thread from the dead, but I was actually looking for this.

    I'm having a very difficult time finding a way to generate weekend clinic a reality, I've searched a lot but I'm like the OP five years ago.

    Anyone knows how to have a trading environment that's usable in MT4?

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