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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I've seen this debate a lot of times but think of it this way - indiors are based on lagging candles. So indiors lag twice as much as candles do.
    Indiors in fact are based on the exact same information the candles are predied on....indiors are not depending on the candles themselves.

    I should edit this to say that *many * indiors are not depending on the candles....those that are will be rubbish indiors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Of course yes those indiors are lagging... like any indior. BTW, the price is lagging...
    Exactly correct.

    And My Buddy Mara1, I hope you can understand, do not misplaced indiors work. Let say market movement is a'Speaker' along with the remaining tools and indiors as well as even any kind of charts only like'Translators' that only wait and'interpret' what'speaker' say. . They won't provide any notion about what'speaker' speaking about, so asking something to the'translator' is futile, you need to ask to the'speaker' and should you asking with different language from the speaker afterward the'translator' will attempt to'interpret' your queries, however sometime if you are not clear with your queries, you will get wrong response from the speaker. Of course it's not that the'translator' fault so don't'blame' your own translators.

    Be Smart with your Questions first. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Indiors in fact are based on precisely the same information that the candles are based on...
    Any indior relies (calculated) on price candles which are based on the data we're speaking about. So yes indiors derive from the same information... but using an intermediary: the candles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Any indior is based (calculated) on price candles which are based on the information we are talking about. So yes indiors derive from this same information... but with an intermediary: the candles.
    No. There's price....and there's candles. Candles are based on the price. So are many indiors....just have a look at the code of all the indiors, it's easy to see.

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    I presume Mara misunderstood my post.
    They are literally within 500 systems on this section which have legal point of view.Almost have some kind of indiors.
    Indiors are for most part mathematical reflection of price history hence by their nature are lagging.
    What does this mean?for common example it means move started at 1.3520 down, at 1.35 indiors beginning to point down and from the time it actually points down is at 1.3475 45pips from initial move,where point she/he decides rather gingerly lets take a short since everything is pointing south and after in price turns out at service and shoots 75 pips up hitting your sl if any place and trade finishes a loss.
    This situation occurs with RSI.MACD,Stoch just about all indiors because indiors can not read market behavior.
    This is the reason why retail traders lose since most amateurs seek advice in indiors instead of trying to learn the market and suitable trading. .

    I understand one thing about trading.You get from market what you deserve.This cycle will last until you wake up up!until then prepare yourself to lose on constant bases.
    Once you lose your insecurities and be open to change and learn maybe you may succeed differently market will creep you over and over until you understand what you couldn't before.

    I can go even farther
    they're literally hundreds of robots programmed to hit every MACD,RSI.CCI Pivot levels.We are investing in a environment with booby traps all over.
    You ought to be conscious and not be seating duck.
    Did you notice price generally hits round number illuion 1.59 but goes further down 1.5875 bounces back to 1.59 and continues up trend.Market makers know typical retail traders stop is 20pips and they are inclined to place below above round numbers S/R pivots key CCI,MACD,RCI levels.
    Smart thing to do would be lower your lot size and increase your SL to distance from predicable prevent amounts.
    Your lot size relative to account size and SL size is more applicable to profits then entry.
    For example you enter long at 1.35 Euro but your sl is 1.3480. Price drops 1.3475 requires you out then turns around and moves up your direction without you.You needed the leadership right but nevertheless lost.You see its more then entry.Focus on your SL and place size.Key factors.

    Small testing shows this indior stinks big time

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I presume you are speaking about the order book. But even still, I am not so sure I agree with your statement. Price is your best leading indior out there (other than other flow, which I would not call an indior).
    Price moves AFTER a transaction, not before.

    Therefore, price lags. But it's behind, not by much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No. There's price....and there's candles. Candles are predied on the price. So are many indiors....just take a peek at the code of these indiors, it's simple to see.
    I can't say all indiors will lag behind what the candles publish because the candles are only displaying this raw information (OHLC), but the majority of them will thanks to the calculations they make by the info. The biggest offender is the moving average, all you have to do is look at a chart with one on it to see you get exactly the exact same information but two periods later. Junk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Another poor lamb to the slaughter.
    That is exactly what they'd have probaly thought about me in 2008 once I composed. Sorry for my ignorance, but could somebody please tell me exactly what a pa is?
    There's always something new to learn and beleive me I was not new to the shit when I asked this question along with other like what is Fib? How you people identify trend? How to join a chart with my post? .... That is who I was when I asked these dumb questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No. There's price....and there's candles. Candles are predied on the price. So are many indiors....just have a look at the code of all the indiors, it's easy to see.
    This is not different than what I mentioned. Anything shown on your chart will be already back the information it's based on.

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    here is om 15 minutes EJ

    with a few losses perhaps is not the Holy,but possibly caould be make better!?

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