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    Finest advice you can get is stop while you can and Save your cash.

    Otherwise you will lose all of it trading in a gambling scheme. 99.6percent of Traders LOSE Money in FOREX.

    Unfortunately, many people who lose their money do not return to the forums to report that they lose all of it. They vanish.

    You cant say that I didn't warn you. Quit while you can and Save your hard earned cash. Proceed search a real occupation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello forexintuitive community! I'm new into the trading world, I've been using a demo account for 2 years and based on the positive results I'd like to try the real thing. During the last year the only pair I have been trading is GBP/NZD. My daily winnings are in average 50 to 80 pips and my maximum daily reduction is up to 50 pips. I trade on 5-min charts and I'm utilizing 4-h and 1-d to get an overall direction. I have read a lot of publiions on your forum concerning trading and trading egies. The broking company that I'm likely to partner with is FXCM with...
    Hello Bogdan,

    when you've got a Euro-denominated FXCM account, and your bank account is situated in the European Union, you can which is a free transfer. I can't advise you regarding taxes. I suggest speaking with a tax pro in Greece.

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    Hello guys!New manhood here.
    Some narrative:23 year old uni student(CS,today java,c,c ,would love to learn that the mql language to make an EA finally ).Tried outside demoing about 2 years ago but stopped it due to studying,being idle... etc..
    Nevertheless I am here demoing yet again.

    Utilizing MT4,trading mosly gold,oil,euro/usd,if there are a number of big new then that currency(such as yesterday usd/cad).Using 1 lots and not less.
    TF is generally 15m,30m I seem out for longer time frames for trend lines majos s/r areas.
    Up to now I have a 13.4percent yield,which is according to most of the resources here quite good.

    But I still have things that I have to improve so I might ask for some tips regarding those:

    Where should look out for potential candlestick formations?
    Here are some chart patterns that I have to know no matter what they happen very often(such as those colored triangles I see on some charts generally )? As currently I don't know any but rather rely on s/r areas,trend line,volumes and these basic things which might be the best for today at least.

    Thing that I am aware of is even if I'm demoing I'm once the market doesn't go how I originally thought.This is mostly because my entrance points are really awful,as wellas my depart points.However that the market will eventually goes the way I thought will go and even reach my tp level.

    However, what is I leave too early,like I am not sure the market will reach the tp level.All in most I am not confident enough in my knowledge nevertheless thus I miss out to a lot of cash.
    This is one of the biggest problem I experience now.How do I cope with this emotional strain?
    Like yesterday I made a buy limitation at 1.10296 and put tp to 1.10383 but until I went to bed I . . .Yet the market went that way and could have taken some pips.

    The other one is less or more if the market doesn't go my way I sit on the order I can break-even meanwhile if I see something that signals me to sit on it more I can even profit from it.This is imo a very bad habit.
    I don't use quit losses.I manually close the orders after my conclusion.

    Also here is a little chart analysis by me any tips how to improve it? :

    Here the pinkish areas is a neighborhood (less or more a weekly) res degree the reddish huge one is a major(4-5 month) res level.
    MA100 appears like a very nice support level.So I expect it to go up 1.37575.

    Here the first tendency line coming down is a 4 year line,the second one is a monthly while the next one is a 7-8 month trend line.

    Exactly how exact my analysis is?What should look out for?

    That's all for now.Hope somebody can answer them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thank You a lot for the information.. So you're saying to me I send cash for FXCM to SEPA and the are sending them into my bank account? At that what I know
    You wouldn't be sending cash to SEPA. SEPA is not a place. SEPA stands for It refers to a bank transfer method used in Europe. FXCM clients with a Euro-denominated trading account can have their funds transferred at no cost through SEPA transfer to their bank account in the European Union.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    now I have rambled on will you see I am confused lol.
    We all were when we began, and a few of us are
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ? Basically searching for free charting software with buying pressure.
    Not seen it for MT4, but someone will chime in. Or ask in the MetaTrader Thread
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ? Some advice on what im looking at within this charting department.
    OK it will take time to absorb this but ignore all of the indiors in the first pages. Jim hardly uses anything as you'll find as you advance. The danger is that you will receive impatient but as you have read my thread (thank you) you ought to realise by now that time is what you want.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I forgot to mention now looking at this hog podge of phrases I have demoed at gftforex 360 deal book for a month now with no success and have opened a live 1000 USD mini account with them, basically to keep the demo account and they are where I plan on going live. I choose them since my friend uses that broker and im familiar with there software now. They've existed since 97 (I was fearful about the broker disappearing wanting something with monitor document )

    thanks ahead andrew
    You should not need to play with that money, if you can not get out it AND keep your demo then I'd look elsewhere. There are loads of MT4 brokers it is possible to demo with, and you will not hesitate to really trade. Trust me, if you have a live account and a demo account I will guarantee you are going to be going live before you are ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You wouldn't be sending cash to SEPA. SEPA isn't a place. SEPA stands for It refers to a bank transfer method employed in Europe. FXCM customers with a Euro-denominated trading account can have their funds transferred for free through SEPA move to their bank account at the European Union.
    Ohhh. . I was so dumb that I couldn't understand.Ok now I got it.I knew today how it works,and Thanks a lot Jason.

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