Martingale has just one major issue that cannot be solved. What ever you set it will have a restricted range it can cover. By way of instance if you have 7 levels your account can handle and also the reentry is 100 pips, when the market goes over 800 against you and remains that way then you are screwed. No matter where you set your range sooner or later the market will exceed it. So no matter how you set a martingale system up it will have a restricted range and sooner or later the market will conquer that range. That's the reason why they fail. The only way is to use it on a restricted basis. In other words you limit the reduction at some point and hope in the long run your many winners will out gain the occasional losers. I have discovered that if you limit your reduction at approximately 4-500 pips and just use 3 levels you are able to be profitable both short term and long term together with the volatile currencies. Nevertheless, the most important thing is dont martingale, the perfect storm will come at some point. You have to have a limit (a place where you take losses) for it to work. In addition, you ought to know that super news stories will kill it you stay away from those markets. Euro default is one. There's no such thing rather than losing in Forex and that's the false claim of Martingale.