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Thread: Did Martingale work for someone?

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    In the end it is insufficient to rely on one trading egy (such as in this case the Martingale Strategy) since, at times it won't work and when it does not it could really end very badly. In addition, if you should post a series of losing trades, your account could be drained dry before you know it, and as such you may not have enough in your account to double the bet in the next transaction.

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    Martingale is among those strong components in trading (Forex, Stocks, etc), if you know how to use it then it will bring leverage to you.

    Regrettably, we all use it on the incorrect direction, it must be use when you've got a consecutive winner not the other way around.

    Let us see a simple example,

    For each 10pips (100 points ) using EUR.USD , ( exclude fees)

    1st Entrance, 10K, Result = Profit 10
    2nd Entrance, 20k, Result = Profit 20 (total=30) (at here, you already have 10 profit from the first entry, so here your total risks is 10k while your total rewards is 30)
    3rd Entrance, 40K, Result = Profit 40 (total=70) (again, your Complete risks is always 10, while total rewards now become 70)

    to outline, you keep using adjusted 10 as your risk, but your benefit keep rising (30 then 70)
    with positive risk benefit ratio, in the long run you'll make profitable trade

    hope that helps

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    Martingale is a great system not for betting ,not to stocks but for forex world since currencies fluctuate faster than stock with higher possibility of reversals although not to first entry point however, you should not enter blindly but make use of trading abilities as well and the most crucial is well capitalization, forex pair selection, entry point, exit point and maintain point you ought to know the stage where to hold and wait not moving on doubling since its martingale and after all that if market is your enemy then only you will emerge as a net loser thus the point that market is neither your friend nor your enemy itself is your reason to anticipate profitability...

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    Martingale trading egy isn't suitable for me! In my demo I used nearly all of trading egies including Martingale; however no fantastic result I discovered! In fact, I discovered just superior result from Price Action! As a result today I am using PA egy in my live trading!

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    I have a tendency to think that individuals who martingale are individuals who can not endure taking some losses, be it casino gambling or gambling. It works if the market 'lets' it operate. When it does not function, the losses sustained would be astrophic.

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    So you have hit your head against the wall multiple times, and you wish to find out if it's worked out for anybody so it's possible to go hit your mind again?

    Statistically speaking, earlier to later, martingale egies blow up.

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    I haven't worked together but have seen so many negative reviews regarding their work and service which they give.

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    Martingale is a time bomb, nobody know when it will explode, if you're lucky you may be a millionaire until it stinks, or it may blow on half way there, or if at very first beginning, it's really betting more than trading.

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    In long term it'll blow off the account, maybe in a short term May be used

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    I used to trade it on binary, specially on 60 second. Made me loos a lot of money. Because a lot of people already said here on the thread, the trouble with this method is that you've got a limited amount of layers you can use - so if you've got a huge amount of money, maybe it can work for you. Begin with a very modest sum for the initial layer and grow from there, keep in mind that every following layer will be more than double of the previous one so it will grow very extremely fast.

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