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Thread: What most newbies must go through when trading Forex

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    He he, im knowingly transitioning from point 1 to 2 and actually going back now to demo account trading.

    Being an apprentice system whore, Im looking for some fantastic reference material on using the charts, basic materials, Ive been cautioned getting all technical with 30 lines and 20 underlines on each chart.

    I believe I can do this Forex Melarkie....but I know I cant do it however.

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    Great piece!! ...I thought I was in a universe of my own prior to reading...I know alotta great traders suk to start with, but this piece really knocks down it...I could relate entirely word for word all the way up but the last components of step two where I'm at-having dismissed accounts like its nobodies business and now paying signals. . .by the sounds of things it seems im in for complete lotta more annoyance!! happy days

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    Really, I find these phases are more accurate:

    1) Numbness
    2) Searching and yearning
    3) Disorganization and despair
    4) suicide
    Reorganization and retrieval ==gt; as in get a real job

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    Great post I think I'm a level 2 can not wait to get to level 5!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Really Amazing article...
    where I am right now anyhow?
    But one thing I must emphasize and add for this article

    I understand those things. But I'm still greedy and take revenge several times. I want more time to be a better trader. I'm trying.

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    I am very new to trading so this question may sound stupid - If I wish to trade only one currency pair and when my account balance is $15000.00 afterward is taking a single Buy trade of 8.00 lot size equivalent to 8 distinct Buy trades of 1.00 lot size each of the identical currency pair? My account includes a leverage of 300:1. What is the advantage or disadvantage? I usually trade the 5 min chart (Sniper)! Many thanks!

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    If it's created into these measures then I think I am beggining in step4

    but it's so hard for me to reduce loss fast and take the big winning...

    but no doubt cash management is the most imporant part,,, learned from

    my mistakes but I suppose I'm still studying... anyways thanks for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi all, I stumbled on this article in my study after loosing some money in my demo account (began blatantly with $300 to about $57 in two weeks). I realised that this article sumed up what I and most other newbie traders go through. I have climbed through stages 1-3 and hope to move on to 4 5 very shortly. Please appreciate this....

    (Courtesy: Soultrader)

    Step One: Unconscious Incompetence.

    Here is the very first step you take when starting to research trading. You are aware that its a good method of making money cos you've heard so many things...
    it is a fantastic article . However, I'm confused, I'm in which point? Now I am trading naked that means without indior however just with charts.
    I have utilized many indiors.

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    I dont know what exact stage I'm in ... but keep trying and keep learning. Thanks for your good article

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    Thanks for posting it, A good post. I find that by using a demo account you can really learn a lot as well and put into action all the learning's from posts such as this one, without involving much risk.

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