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Thread: What are the minimum requirements for a Holy Grail?

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    We fell off the rails a bit, but for the most part this thread has been illuminating. Even this thread has been telling. The biggest take away so far is that there are two chief camps: Winners and Losers. Ultimately, yes, but for today, let us call them Camp I and Camp II.

    CAMP I:

    The individuals in this camp have experienced a modicum of success in trading; be it live or demo. The hallmark of the camp appears to be the realization that the quest of the Holy Grail is a journey of introspection. Some members may speak about risk to reward ratios, or statistical significance, or proper appliion of available market generated information, or even repeatable edges. To name just a few. What these Camp I members talk about, however, is the profound seeded comprehension, nay, belief, the Holy Grail is about discovering what works best for the individual. The Holy Grail is very unique and different as the hands of the individual that hold it. The Holy Grail is coupling logical and rational market expectations and realities, using a person's particular nature and belief system. For many, it's highly quantitative and for others is highly tactile. Camp I members balk at the idea that the Holy Grail does not exist, because they have discovered it by looking in the mirror. They appear in the mirror and say, '' The one thing I can control is that the person looking back at me. They are their own worst enemy, and also their own best ally. They are the Holy Grail. They constitute about 5% of the trading people.

    CAMP II:

    Members of the camp are hallmarked by the idea that the Holy Grail is discovered by looking outward. It's a prize to be discovered. It's the key to a secret society. It's a system or method that never, or almost never, takes a losing trade. There's no talk of risk, reward, nor valid market generated info. All that matters is,when I take a trade, will I be right? . Do I have a statistical edge? . Individual within this camp scour forums searching for the next best indior. They would like to go long when the indior is green and brief when it is red . The one thing they want to consider is, where are they going to spend their untold millions? . They require two transactions using a new method or method and win. They take another trade and it turns out for a loss. Now, suddenly, they consider the validity of this system in the first loion. It doesn't happen to them that the underlying assumptions they are questioning after the third trade, are the same as they were for the previous two that won. They believe trading contest are the best way to demone their trading metal. As opposed to the best approach to reinforce bad trading habits. They constitute about 95% of the trading people.

    5% and 95%.... Those numbers seem familiar.

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    Minimum requirements???
    Er. . .mmm....let me believe....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    it makes $???????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    .. .Each people has the capability to loe our own trading system that we might call our holy grail. Surely it is a technique that minimally produces some sort of constant profit. To loe it there are a few basics to start with. Before you start trading any method you need to adopt a cash management program that involves an understanding of risk:reward. This is vital. ....
    You've 11 threads in attempt to seek out your own method, your own holy grail(likely was more off document) . . .Any achievement? Why not? If yes, what components of your trading and also you as a trader were essential to your success, to loe your holy grail?

    3634 times you expressed your view on your journey to a holy grail. What's most important message you gave to others about trading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In theory, any system with sustainable positive expectancy per trade can be classified as Holy grail! The cause of this can be called COMPOUNDING! (Exponential expansion). The greatest Holy grail is fully automated system with large expectancy per trade (in pips) and high trade frequency. For example imagine extreme scenario where you have automated system with 100 pips expectancy per trade and typical frequency of 5 or more transactions per week. Such system will be extremely scalable and durable. With this kind of system you'll be able to ruin the market, and I am pretty...
    This . The higher the frequency the better utilization of compunding, and the best thought you'll be able to get on maximum DD, and the more confidence you'll have in your live or automated backtest since you've got a bigger (hopefully gaussian like) dimensions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    We fell off the rails a bit, but for the most part that thread has been illuminating. In its infancy, this thread has been telling. The biggest eliminate so far is that there are two major peaks: Winners and Losers. Ultimately, yes, but for now, let's call them Camp I and Camp II. CAMP I: The individuals in this camp have all had a modicum of success in trading; be it live or demo. The hallmark of this camp seems to be the recognition that the quest of the Holy Grail is a journey of introspection. Some members may talk about risk to...
    I politely disagree about the polarized view of winners and losers and inward vs outward analysis. Certantly winners do both things they choose what seems fitting for themselves and prevent each the plogical behavioral phobias that ruin their success. They certantly have a sensible or practical enough view of the markets that guides their actions in such a way that makes them win consistently. It doesn't matter how great you are internally in the event that you lack knowledge, and it doesn´t matter how knowledgeable you are if you cannot put it into practice due to the inward woes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The real fact that noobs do not understand is that you don't need the holy grail to make money trading. It is possible to use a basic moving average and be profitable if you know what you are doing. Most individuals don't know what they're doing. All the resources you have existed for decades and they're published online. All you need to do is know when to use them. This is where skill and expertise lies. Only a couple of 1%-5 percent can perform it Trading has become the most aggressive game on earth. The largest risk in gambling isn't understanding what you...
    Understanding how and when to use the basic moving average is a ”holy” grail ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Sir I'm not trolling, Ive been to Vegas once and did not enjoy it. I'm what I say I'm. I conduct a legimate online business managing people from all over the world. I'm well traveled, well spoken, not especially well read I have to say, but I do try to read here and there. I dont consider the majority of people on this forum to become winners. The majority of us here are good hard working people. There are a few which are naysayer losers however and I was just calling them out. That's all. Also just because I'm rich doesn't mean I cannot understand from...
    Well I would suggest, since you are all, which you hire a few statisticians, crunch some info, and measure whatever theory you are chasing. You won't find what you are looking for on a forum such as this one. All the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Considering that 95-99 % of the retail traders drop over the long run, a holy grail would be a system that has generated profit over a span of at least two years by a sample of, say at least 500 trades. It would also need to have expectancy.
    What if a person makes 500 trades over a month? I frankly don't see how the holy grail could be credited to time/profit! Can not it make sense to base it on particular probabilities being certainties?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I would suggest, since you're wealthy and all, that you hire some statisticians, crunch some data, and measure whatever theory you're chasing. You will not find what you're looking for on a forum like this one. All the best!
    You'll be able to find gems even at the most improbable places. Ive learned a fantastic many things from this forum. You shouldnt disparage this particular community. You are part of it. I wish you and yours endless success, good health, and enjoyment.

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    My trades for the week:


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