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    How do I decide when to trigger a transaction. . .well here is the way I do it, I'll draw my trend lines and look to make sure on the setup chart we're in the area of the MA lines which we've got our confluence of S/R at that same area, now I shall switch to a smaller time frame, typically I use a split by 4 principle, if we're on the hourly chart for a setup chart then I use the 15 minute chart for a trigger chart that way you can observe the price action better. I wait for the price to split the counter trend line after which I WAIT again but now...
    Good job ,
    there's something to learn from one another, especially good entry points to determine,
    keep going bro coz there's always someone to look for proper egy for himself.
    Well done

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    So basically here the principles for this system when looking for an entry stage:

    1. MA's must parallel and pointing in precisely the same direction
    2: price must be in the subject of SMA lines to look for an entry
    3: There must be a confluence of service and resistance in that area, Fib number, previous swing high or low, round numbers, fashion lines. . .etc
    4: Wait for the pullback and continuation formation on the trigger chart.
    5: Set stops over the pullback on a down trend and below on an uptrend and do not move them.

    I will post charts showing this entry system using several trades I have taken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good job ,
    there's still something to learn from each other, particularly great entry points to ascertain,
    keep going bro coz there's always someone to search for suitable egy for themself.
    Nicely done
    Thanks, I don't calim to be a professional by any means but I do understand this system has worked for me, over and over again, what I would recomend is practicing with this on a demo account, and receive as much screen time as possible, and again test it so as I did, I practiced this program a lot before I went live with it, I figured when I could go 2 solid weeks with no losing trade I am all set to try it live. And I have not looked back since. It is the only method I use and it works. I've my charts setup so I can see every pair I trade, here's what I watch in the morning I utilize Metatrader for my charting package and I trade on another platform I seem to find out what pair might provide some trading opportunities in the morning and I make a list of those pairs, and that's my watch list for the day. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So basically here the rules for this system if you're looking for an entrance point:

    1. MA's need to parallel and pointing in precisely the same direction
    2: price must be in the subject of SMA lines to start looking for an entrance
    3: There must be a confluence of support and resistance in that region, Fib amount, previous swing high or low, round numbers, fashion lines. . .etc
    4: Wait for the pullback and continuation formation on the trigger chart.
    5: Set stops above the pullback on a downward trend and below on an uptrend and do not move them.

    I can post charts demoning this entry...
    One more thing I should mention too, is look at the typical daily range, and be certain that you have sufficient room to create the trade in the direction of this trend, in my charts I've and indior that shows me the current days range and the average daily range, and employing the ADR and round numbers intself has netted me a lot of great trades, rememebr those round numbers are places where stops and targets are set by many of the large players and more times than even when the prices reaches those numbers something will occur take a look at the chart showing the USDJPY and appeared at the price action around the grid lines. . .those gridlines are the curved numbers..this is my trading chart...

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    Here is how I set my entrances, looking at the chart, we are in a downward trend so I'm seeking to short that pair, You can view it's broken down the retracement line, price is bouncing off a round number, I'm near the MA lines, it breaks beneath the retracement line, I await the pullback, and when it proceeds down beneath where the pullback started I place my entrance, I placed my stop above the pullback high, if you do not await the pull again and set the entrance when it breaks down the retracement line, well the retracement may never cease and that could truly be a poor scenario so wait fot the pullback. This example took a while to get going but you can view it did. And did not come near the stop...

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    Always make certain to look at the longer term charts as well to make certain there is term signals, S/R levels on time frames can affect the smaller tendencies if that is what you are trading. And recall
    when a winning commerce begins to show weakness, pull the profits off the table, and reload the rifle later when the next opportunity arises, never let a winning trade turn into a losing a commerce.

    More charts an illuions to come...

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    If anyone has any questions at all I would be happy to answer them if I can help at all with this system, this is a very solid system once you understand it and apply the rules. I'll post charts demoning the Conflunence os S/R so you get an idea of these. I guess the major thing there is no system which will work if you do not adhere to the principles, and I've found myself at times not doing this so that the system did not fail me on these trades that I did shed I failed me by not following the rulles.

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    I have also recorded some trades using this but I am not sure where to post them. If anybody would like to post their charts and setups feel free to do so, as we go on eploiting those tendencies. I'll do the exact same and then we can talk about it if you see a setup post it. I actually record many of my transactions yes even the losing ones, I keep a journal to help remind me of what I did right or what I did wrong along with also a check list to make sure that the entire entry criteria is fulfilled before I place a trade. And do not forget about direction I am certain that most everyone knows that.

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    Among the pairs I'm keeoing an eye on is USDJPY at this time, I'm awaiting a retracement back to the Pink line which is a prior swing low, and also on a round amount, the MA lines ought to be caught up by then, there's also the FIBO range, I don't search for a particular fibo amount I seem fo a range between 38.2 and 61.8, I don't use the 23 fibo I feel the retracement wasn't deep enough in that level, and beyond and if the backs up to the 76% degree I feel that's too heavy. I search to get a range or a window. I search for the other confluences to come in precisely the area, so this is 1 pair I'm watching and waiting for some short oppotunities.

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    Thank you for starting a new thread !
    I will give it a try and I'll try to post my charts here to discuss it until I start a trade
    I've a problem following the rules so that I keep losing I know this is my problem, I need Something Which would keep me from opening trades at a wrong moment, it takes practice, practice and clinic
    I'm actually trying hard


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