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Thread: No One Should Ever Pay For A Beginner Course

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    Hi, good thread

    that I would also recommend the FXstreet eduion course. It's free and covers a little more than babypips. I have sent people there and had good feedback.


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    You are in the wrong thread, post it in platform technician and I am sure somebody can help you.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey guys I am new to this forex match and im to a 5min scalping method, the onlt thing is I cant seem to time my entrance correctly I have downloaded a candle countdown indior to my desktop I open-- neighborhood disk--open-- programme files--open --metatrader--mql--specialists--I than copy the document on my desktop and paste it in specialists, my metatrader is not open at this time, when I open it to go search for the clock indior I cant find it, this happended with other indiors also that itried to store, so I dont believe the issue is with all the indiors...

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    I loved the babypips one. I may head over to the fxstreet just to compare. Thank you for the trick mytrader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi, Great thread I would also suggest the FXstreet eduion course. It's absolutely free and covers a little more than babypips. I've sent people there and had good comments. MT
    I have not looked at the FXStreet course, thank you for the suggestion, I'll check it out over the weekend, maybe I could add it to my list of references for traders searching for free novice courses. I bet finding the correct ones is similar to a few needles in a haystack awarded the size of supplies on the internet. Occasionally these tips make the very long list shorter by pointing us in the ideal direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote They're intended for the individual who believes Foreign Exchange is binary options.
    Damn I hate Binary options! And you are right, there are several wannabe Forex Traders out there would still cannot differentiate both (binaries Forex). I have also seen some Binary brokers that offer FX trading. I guess confusion for the confused already. As such I bet your firm would play a huge role to staring a good number of the newbies in the ideal direction.

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    Hi, everybody

    I see learning to trade in your own is like trying to complete a degree with no syllabus. The travel also requires the commnt required of a degree.


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    Babypips school is great for novices. However, no trader must leave their schooling there, they should delve into it further, study, research and skeptically accept understanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello, everybody I see learning how to trade on your own is like attempting to complete a degree with no syllabus. The journey also requires the dediion required of a degree. MT
    Well place.
    If I knew how much dediion was involved in becoming a consistently profitable FX trader I likely would have looked elsewhere to spend my time and money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Damn I Despise Binary options!
    I heard a rumor that individuals who exchange binary choices almost always eliminate money. It looks all sketchy to me lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I came here to ask a question about percent of margin. I'm a rookie trader with a 60,000 dollar account. However I only invest at max 25 perfect of that in total for rankings.
    Meaning if you have only 1 position open you going for a 15000$ risk ?
    And you made only 8000 so far ?

    Your Risk Reward ratio is off afterward . . And your 60k will be out the window in basically no time !!! (I'm serious)

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