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Thread: The Paved Road to Success for the Average Joe (or not)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I feel you. I am in a similar circumstance. Family comes first. That's why we have to sacrifice something else like sleep. You're on your way to succeed. Seeing you wake up at 4.30am, you're hardcore. It is great to see such passion!! Something that helped me was podcasts (for instance, ch@t with tr@ders). It is an excellent time saver to learn listen on the move. I also utilize economist audio for highlights. On the lookout for that next chance on bits of news like bursting sungs to provide me a motive to apple. There are many instances...
    You fu@#%ing rock man!
    I think the exact same.
    And, if this can be of any help, I found it extremely useful feeding my head with something which pulls me to my summit state.
    For example, when I daytrade I've got my headphones on with specific sorts of audio binaural beats.
    Or, even better, I listen to my favourite motivationals. Call it silly but to me is fast and right to the point.
    It helps me a lot to cleanse my functionality fright and keep on the procedure rather.
    For the interest of optimizing : Would you please discuss how do you run your chart analysis?
    I loe regularly myself starting whith clarity and intent and then distracted by several chances which aren't in the program....
    I aim something like 10min a pair/instrument and stay on the same chart forever, analyzing all the facts that my eyes can ch...

    Diagnosys? Therapy?


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    I am new and just looking for a mentor or some type of direction. It seems as if you are knowledgeable. Any chance that you can help a woman out?

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes if you don't understand what you are doing you are at most risk of losing money. 90 percent of people onforexintuitivedon't understand what they are doing. That is why they come toforexintuitiveto look for answers. Even in the event that you give them the answers they don't know what to do with it. Even in the event that you give them trades which make thousands or hundreds of pips they don't trade it. It is that awful on FF. They have a mindset that is losing. They are blind to winning trades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am new and just searching for a mentor or some sort of direction. It seems like you're knowledgeable. Any chance that you can help a woman out? quote
    you're more than welcome Jmcd0301.
    Just ask.
    Make a brief description of Your situation and we'll be happy to help at our finest.


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    I believe maybe in the area of trading there is too much focus to eduion. Ok, you sure need to know the fundamentals, however being a fantastic economist doesn't turn you into a fantastic trader. Trading is a science of it. Could be the only one where eduion and expertise is not in your favor.
    To be succesful, you need to have well defined:
    - entry conditions (easy will be the best IMO)
    - exit conditions (much more important than entry conditions)
    - currency management
    - area
    At the end you need to set all this together. Nothing more, no more knowledge required. But putting it all together is a bitch.

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    I am. I have been in this for two years now blowing and reading demo accounts and dwell account too. Its just some recent weeks I started to get the grip of it maybe not blowing my demos anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I think possibly in the area of trading there's too much attention to instruction. Ok, you sure have to know the fundamentals, however being a fantastic economist doesn't turn you into a fantastic trader. Trading is a science of it. May be the only one where eduion and expertise is not in your favor. To be succesful, you have to have well defined: - entry requirements (straightforward are the best IMO) - exit conditions (much more important than entry requirements) - money management - discipline After all you have to set all this together. Nothing more, no longer understanding...
    Hi PiranoTrader.
    Nicely, once I said eduion I was not always referring to this kind academic faculty clesses on Economics, and I am sure You were using the example to expalin your stage.
    The eduion I mean can only be provided by seasoned traders (not chartist or analysts) that have themself provided all of the passion and time (and Money) for the achievement of their objective. If you don't have lived that everyday struggle to arrive you have nothing to teach. Is that easy.
    (which is also why I do not have issues with cover to understand, if it's Worth and I can afford it : A individual can choose to share his hard earned knowledge for free, but it has to be his choice).
    Now, Your list make sense, yet to mesh it all together can require a lifetime. That really is :
    1- Where good eduione comes in (if it's of Quality, It may help save a lot of time-money-headhaches-fights with households. . .you title it)
    2- Where it becomes crucial to divide the Gold in the Bulls$@it! (that takes time if You Must do it on your own)

    Hope this make sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote you're welcome . Just ask. Make a succinct description of Your situation and we will be happy to assist at our best. Maxx

    Thank you max. I am new and I am just wondering how you select a pair to trade and how you read candlesticks to trade. How/where did you go to learn how to trade?

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    [quote=maxx7;9642072]Hi , just a few questions to better help you : How much time a day do you have to study and develop? Have you got a job at the moment? Have you got a family to supply? Just how old are you? What is you plan for the forthcoming 3 years (I am professional egy, job, earning money you have the point? Only a quick interior appearance, don't feel pressed to a long detailed answer (but of course compose it if you really feel like doing this


    I work full time at a college. I am 31 and have a couple responsibilities a week. 1 thing im good at is analyzing, but I want to go right to the source. I don't want to waste time studying meaningless and conflicting info. I had been told to find a successful trader and ask them. I discovered one powerful person, however I questioned his motives. I just want someone to show me the ropes or show me where to go to learn.

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    I discovered one powerful individual

    Whooahhh!!! really???!??!
    Well than you had a good gun in your hand!
    Forget about motives and choose the mechanisms instead. Your Motives you will build yourself afterwards (It does not mean that the present ones you aren't good. . .problem is that you will see yourself that this company isn't a love at all)
    right to the source : This is the hard point. I am good at analyzing too but. . .studying what???!?? There is so much crap out there (and you will of course pay $$$ for that) that the hardest for a novice is to separate the good from the completely useless.
    I would suggest to select a thread between the next ones (not really for novices) and shoot as much questions as you can, after your diligent personal study and research.

    Keep in mind : you are forcing yourself to stretch out!
    Candlestick reading . This is just a part of the narrative. How big or little it's depends on the style of trading you may choose.
    Candlestick studying is nothing withoud context for instance. What does context mean? In summary it means the behaviour of these prices in that market (=in the chart you are viewing at) that brought to that candlestick formation.
    Looks easy? Not at all! Can you create it? DEFINITELY!
    If there's anybody in this world that made it, then YOU ALSO CAN!
    You only need to find a way that works STATISTICALLY (trading is a numbers/probabilities match, nothing more nothing less)
    ....And make sure it applies to yourself better than your underwear....
    Last one was supposed to alleviate a bit of the Last Guru flavour from thos post...I was getting maybe too serious...
    But you see yourself Should you find somebody who's already successfull in this hard business, that can prove his success with numbers (account growth, not words), I strongly invite you to simulate yourself as near as you can.
    1- This will help you save You a terrific amount of time, since You will find a lot of good, WORKING answers to you questions. . .and You will have plenty !!
    Two- You may see many interesting facets of yourself you don't have any idea at this moment....some you may like, some not.
    3- The notions you may absorbe will potentially come from actual trading experience, THE ONLY VALUABLE, not books from 1974 so...

    Sorry, I've rumbled enough for today....but I was there myself (somehow I'm...), and I would have appreciated (I would have killed for) somebody speaking to me like this or better.
    Enjoy an Excellent day

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    @econbizer :
    Hi, I have received your pm's but looks like I can't write back.
    Perhaps I have posted too small so far , or maybe I am just plain idiot...
    I tried writing back through the answer button and watched all that code in the box, removed, wrote my answer, clicked send and I received an error message.
    I tried once more composing a completely new pm for youpersonally, clicked sendthe same error message...
    Can someone please help me?
    Thanx a lot!


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