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Thread: Lets build together a system which makes 1000%/month

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Depends on what you mean by sacred grail: 1) Is it a profitable means of trading which can make you a full-time forex trader and provide you a comfortable living for as long as you live ? Yes, anything is present, mostly with optional traders which have the capability to adapt to changing markets. 2) Is it a completely mechanical system which can provide you excellent returns for a short amount of time ? Such systems also exist but you have to know when to begin and when to quit trading them and that is the difficult part. 3) Is it a mechanical...
    Fully agree.

    But might add to stage 2) which you have to have quant knowledge to make the most optimal mechanized system.Simple chart traders cant put together a statistically proven method which will be most brilliantly assembled.

    There is always a system which is far better compared to the current and without quantitative understanding its pretty hard to guess find it instead of making a heuristic algorithm that selects the best method and configures it to ensure it is most ideal.

    I've tried this too, but the issue is that I dont have anything to begin out of ,yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I don't have any **** clue what those indiors measure but from the title Awesome Oscillator it doesnt seem quite scientific isnt it? Gann Fans are only lines drawn to the chart, and fairly subjective... The ROC oscillator steps acceleration, I've wanted to start looking to it, but I didnt had the time to perform it so far. But my indior measures speed, I posted an indior that measured rate, the difference between speed and rate is the direction, while speed is only a scalar , and total one , velocity steps the direction of the price...
    Thus did any of you guys checked out my indior and experimented with the data ?


    Any results, remarks or observations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote So did any of you guys checked out of my indior and experimented with the data ? Https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...ion-pairs.html Any outcomes, comments or observations?
    I had a peek at it. It seems good for now.
    Im not sure how long can it look good for in couple of months time or under hectic market conditions.
    It could be analyzed back and forth and see if it is going to withstand all these market conditions.
    With my experience exactly what I have learnt is that the market goes and the indior follows just what the market is doing.
    Now when a trader is searching for tiny SLs and small DDs then we must move if the market move rather than when our indior goes.
    Which means get to a trade ahead of the indior shows us that a signal.
    This comes with experience.
    I have none but I saw traders get it done. And you'll sit and wonder exactly how dd they do that.

    When we become a trade after our indis show us a signal then the bulk of the move already occurred or it formed too big candles to receive it also when you get in that time it will give you big DDs.
    ahead of the indis gives a signal that there are nice size candles which means small DD.
    So also think about this and place this into account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I had a peek at it. It seems great for the time being. Im not sure how long can it look great for in few months time or under hectic market conditions. It can be tested back and forth and determine if it will withstand these market conditions. With my experience what we have noticed is that the market goes and the indior follows just what the market is doing. Now if a trader is looking for tiny SLs and small DDs then we have to move when the market move rather than when our indior goes. That means get into a trade before the indior shows us...
    Would you discuss your results, or alteast specify what you looked at and what parameters you used to the test?

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    Ok so it's come clear that the majority of you guys would search for intra-day methods

    But intra-day and intra week is a overly broad definition, and so I made yet another thread where we ought to explore the particular timeframe where the egy ought to be designed, and even if you already have a egy'm interested about your timeframe of choice and why you choose it.

    So lets discuss that in this thread:


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    Ok at the mean time while you guys have a look at that thread around TIMEFRAMES.

    I have a question to you guys, regarding low winrate systems and high winrate systems.So this really is a significant issue, regarding RR, winrate and risk generally.

    Here are the qualities of these kinds of systems and we must choose between these, or find a common ground between it.

    High winrate system:High winrate Fewer successive losses STOPLOSS Has to Be big, and TAKEPROFIT generally small =gt; Risk gt; Reward We are in and out quicker from transactions Lot size should be small because SL is big We have many transactions so We're diversified in overall More transactions = more times disperse paid We Will Need to Take Care of a noisy market and must have great execution speed (when we scalp like) Low winrate system:Low winrate More sequential losses STOPLOSS can be small, and TAKEPROFIT generally big =gt; Risk lt; Reward We hold transactions more , in case over daily then we could get swaps too Lot size could be big because SL is small, but since there are more consecutive losses, we still Will Need to be careful setting our risk We've few transactions,so We're at the mercy of the market, and we cant trade many pairs since our leverage is used by higher lot dimensions Less trades =less occasions disperse paid We've a smooth market on the long run, and the execution speed doesnt matter Lets debate this, which system type is more workable ? CHOOSE!!!

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    Looks like there is nobody interested in this thread anymore, well if thats the case than I will not attempt and force this anymore, seems like this thread is in its end and I will unsubscribe from here.

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    Proximus the only way to do this, and I Can Not think of a better way is to use High Leverage Scalping (10 pip Goal with insane amount of leverage available) (1 trade Every Day and minimizing market Vulnerability - withdrawing profit on regular $ amount or Period so to counter the black swan effect which might happen)

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    I'm testing a method on demonion. Perhaps I not so strict . So I would like to shere . Hope and one try this. I open a significant lot may and place some reverse order.

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    Hi Prox, hehehehe, even if you want to construct a Trading-System for your Long-run try at best 100% per year, it´s not simple, believe me

    Anyway, good luck, maybe I'll make some suggestions.

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