Lets build together a system which makes 1000%/month
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Thread: Lets build together a system which makes 1000%/month

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    I bet you clicked on this thread as you're greedy, which is fine , we're greedy
    So as the title suggests, we ought to build a system which could possibly make 1000 percent/month or even longer, and has a tiny DD%. I'm looking for intelligent people here which have trading a (positive) expertise to build a system or for men who are new but are full of ideas.I want creative people here with whom we can design a real Holy Grail!

    I am sick of systems which make 2-3 percent/month, the kind of conservative expansion is BS and very very slow, I might get old before I make some dough of it.So we ought to get rich fast, we deserve it , we all do

    No longer petty 1 percent gain / week, no more long term trading with little if any profit.This system ought to be an intraday system, and ought to make atleast 20-30 percent/trade .However the ch is that it ought to also have a low risk factor, the utmost Drawdown ought to be not greater than 8-10 percent of the equilibrium.

    So some folks are likely laughting at such monstruous gains, but look here:

    https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...ion-pairs.html eitan1010 did it, its not that hopeless if you look hard for it

    Nevertheless he has also some 10-15 percent DD sometime, exactly what I'm looking for is a better system which has not more than 8 percent DRAWDOWN.

    So how could we do this, here are my ideas:Trading pairs with large volatility, like CHF/JPY or even GBP/JPY. We ought to focus on volatility.Also these pairs ought to have high DAILY RANGE/SPREAD RATIO Also we ought to focus on optimistic swap pairs to get interest rate also Risk benefit should be optimistic (Rewardgt;Risk) since the Massive volatility should bring us insane yields Hedge, because likely on such enormous volatility hours that the slippage is crazy so a stoploss Is Most Likely not that secure, a hedge could reduce risk more properly Incorporating news trading into the egy particularly GDP Unemployment releases Okay here are my thoughts, now its your turn, I would like to hear your thoughts too.Every idea counts, please everybody when you've got a good idea share it together.

    ============================================[TOOLS DEVELOPED SO FAR]===============================================PRO XIMUS MARKET SPEED INDICATOR / CORRECTED VERSION OF ATR: https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...1-usd-jpy.html PROXIMUS MARKET VELOCITY INDICATOR (1.3 altered for data mining and fixed bugs): https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...1-usd-jpy.html PROXIMUS CORRECTED SMA: https://forexintuitive.com/forex-tra...s-journal.html

    ================================================== ================================================== =============

    PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL!! ===$==#8364;==#==Â¥==$==#8364;==#==Â¥==$==#836 4;==#==Â¥==$==#8364;==#==Â¥==$==#8364;==#==Â ==$==#8364;==#==Â¥==$==#8364;==#==Â¥==$===
    Last but not least, here are the principles of this thread :No bickering, should you then your post will be deleted, criticism is allowed, but it should remain friendly No 1 line answers, please elaborate your thoughts ligent content only, and try to stay on topic No negative mindset, things like 1000 percent/month is hopeless is nonsense, everything is possible if you have ambition, so If You're pessimist then please depart English language only

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Prox, hehehehe, even if you would like to construct a Trading-System for the Long-run try at best 100% per year, it´s not easy, believe me Anyway, good luck, maybe I'll make a few suggestions.
    Whats the gap, 100%/ year, because the market doesnt go sufficient in 1 day to create 100%/1 day, but look at the EUR/RUB, USD/RUB it moves freaking 2000 pips/day, which is that the Whole year volatility of the EUR/USD, so in the Event That You can only make 100% / year on EUR/USD, try EUR/RUB and you can make 100%/day

    There's no excuse of not earning profit, make optimistic

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    Code dashboard for MTS and make your own for each month . I'll help you about each rule and how to autoomate it contact me personally
    and we could add some adx values to confirmation mts entries. Simple. . Percent900 prooven

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote ... so If You're Able to only make 100%/ year on EUR/USD, try EUR/RUB and Also You can make 100%/day There Is Not Any excuse of not making profit, be optimistic
    Ok Prox ... be optimistic ... that's it

    You're sooooooo greedy ... Such as GG Greed is Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Ok Prox ... be optimistic ... that is it You're sooooooo greedy ... like GG Greed is excellent
    Yes my dream would be to begin with 100? And be a millionaire by Christmas.


    This man turned his 10.000 $ account into 18 million in 1 year, so why don't you flip a 100? To 1 million in half year?

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    While I don't wish to dissuade lofty pursuits, you are aware that for a standard lot (100kUSD) that the USD/RUB is worth approximately $0.28/pip rather than something such as the AUD/USD or even EUR/USD at $10.00/pip. Just to put things in perspective...

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    Well, as ridiculous as this sounds, you still get an A for enthusiasm(and jealousy!) At the least. .
    In any event I am interested, even though only for the pleasure of it! That having been said, any platform you/we come up with will probably become self defeating in the sense that EVERYBODY would probably begin trading it if results are promising enough, and then the market simply starts self-correcting to maintain balance, and then the machine begins to fail...! I may be incorrect, but this is my 2 cents. I would probably be more interested if it had been a closed group thing...??? I really do have a few ideas though.... Intriguing ADR on those XXXRUB pairs. . .What are the spreads such as...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    While I do not wish to dissuade lofty pursuits, you are conscious that for a standard lot (100kUSD) that the USD/RUB is worth approximately $0.28/pip rather than something like the AUD/USD or even EUR/USD at $10.00/pip. Merely to put things in perspective....
    Hah! Thought so....had to be a ch in there somewhere...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    While I absolutely do not want to discourage lofty pursuits, you are aware that for a standard lot (100kUSD) the USD/RUB is worth approximately $0.28/pip as opposed to something such as the AUD/USD or even EUR/USD at $10.00/pip. Simply to put things in perspective....
    I was going to point out that. Another thing to consider is liquidity and very wide spreads.

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    The HARD TRUTH is....

    IF and When (or if it is possible ), who will discuss the GOLDEN GOOSE ?

    Nobody will...

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