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Thread: $1,000,000 Traders!

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    I'm not there yet but... Where do individuals with millions of dollars or maybe one hundred million dollars trade? Any thoughts?

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    The sole retail broker I would trust seven amounts with is interactive brokers, and even them I would be worried about with that money. Using a significant account you'll want to spread your money across several retail brokers, or exchange through an institutional broker such as goldman sachs or morgan stanely. The major benefit of trading together with the institutional guys is they give you inside information, the larger the account, the more more information. To acquire the really good things you must be moving serious contracts however. But dont expect super tight spreads and no slippage, its exact same everywhere you go. When it comes to trading accounts, diversity appears to be the ideal weapon against major astrophe, so that's the route I take.

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    I believed a thousand dollar account would be like peanuts to Interactive Brokers. Don't they have clients with much bigger accounts? Why wouldn't you trust them and how would you define a tragedy?
    Just curious.

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    What about gain capital pro? They say to be eligible you've got to get a monthly quantity of over 50 million.

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    So Interactive Brokers is where the millionaires commerce?

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    Not necessarily. They simply have an extremely respected stocks and futures arm. Plus they leverage ECN technologies .

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    So Interactive Brokers is where the millionaires trade?

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    Why wouldn't you trust them how would you establish a astrophe?
    If I have a million dollars with a single broker, a platform error like entering an excess zero can cost a million dollars. Maybe im not rich enough, but risk is too much for me to manage LOL. I do trust IB in any aspect (btw, they're going public soon, grab up to the stock as it is possible to!!!!) . Actually its all relative to your own wealth, I only propose never open a trading account you aren't willing to lose entirely.

    Major disaster is anything that can cost me my whole account. Platform error, user error, broker error, ya know, all of the things that goes wrong when investing in real life

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What about profit capital pro? They state to qualify you've got to get a monthly quantity of over 50 million.
    When must rely leveage 50 million a month is nothing I have some days where I come near that and their pro platform is only 1pip better. But my perception is there going to verible spreads shortly if they have not already.

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