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Thread: Looking on a naked chart, can you pick the best egy?

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    Above are some simple examples of performance indiors. Mostly trending.
    We however are not confined to them. We can for example:

    1. Plan into Performance Indior egies based on various built-in technical indiors (RSI, MFI, Awesome Oscillator, Gator, etc ...)
    2. Program PI a egy trades only long, or only short.
    3. Change positions dimensions, too based on the management (e.g. 1 long, 0.5 short)
    4. Combine various indiors into a single
    5. Reverse egy type, e.g. from trending to counter trending

    That's how I was doing so and still occasionally do.
    If You would like me to make some additional functionality indior, please write in this thread - whether it is gonna be possible I will try.


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    Hi there,

    Let me show You first outcome, starting from point no.1

    Bollinger ring:

    bollinger made a positive consequence: 133 pips , nevertheless this range of pips later 640 bars does not make a big impression!
    Also bollinger egy changes management of trades few times so it costs the following pips.

    Within those 640 pubs there is 204 bars throughout which trader who would know when it is best to start and complete could make maximum 705 pips that's a lot better.

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