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Thread: 7 pips per day? is it possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I wouldn't chace any daily goals myself, cause this could result in overtading and entering the market in the wrong time in order to compensate for potential losses.
    Are you sure your advice in not biased and one-sided??? You speak like daily goal is sort of evil and compels a individual to take erroneous actions...

    How about altering perspective and turning your bias around... this manner:

    Easy daily goal allows me to reach small, short-term goals consistently in order order to attain large, long-term goals AND let me avoid over-trading by choosing few, best possible entries.

    Can you see difference?

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    Ullic is 100% correct. .
    You have to trade the market requirements before you.
    The moment you get started overlaying personal specific targets you're clouding the lens.
    There are countless threads here suggesting that that is not the situation. They are wrong.
    Your goal can only be to get the best you can with what is facing you

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    See what I wrote. . I said nothing about placing a limitation in your mindset. . I suggested to not set specific goals and the reason for indiing that.l
    And no, you won't make 7 pips a day. That's simply trading exchange, or another market, works. This isnt an annuity. It's a 50/50 result if you're well resourced, well intended, and also have lots of experience. That 50/50 Can be profit if you go following the trades which tick all the boxes to you.

    And no , it isn't impossible. Although it is a hell of a lot of hard work to create it possible. Be in no doubt about that

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    You maybe able to typical 7 pips per day but it won't happen by making 7 pips daily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I find it is very interesting if trade EURUSD or USDJPY with stop reduction and trail profit. Is it possible? If possible... please anybody suggest me some system Excel file under... document
    ... has nothing to do with pips, but with cash you may lose or win.

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