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Thread: 7 pips per day? is it possible?

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    You need to respect your plan, that is all. Most significant isnt x pips/day but am I able to honor my goal as a trader?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You have to respect your plan, that's all. Most important isnt x pips/day but am I able to respect my goal as a trader?
    Another principle is Self subject most important in trade , 7 pip achiemvment isn't hard but survive on the market is key point.

    3 principle to not be lifeless in market FX and stock is : 1 - Self discipline 2 - Money management 3 - Possess egy all the time

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    365 - 78 = 287 * 7 PIPs = 2009 PIPs annually.

    I have read a number of the posts, from my standpoint, attaining 2009 profitable PIPs is not tough.

    Above all, what does your trading plan indie? This really is the only important question at this point, nothing longer. If you do not have a trading plan, research, and write a plan that can define your trading , risk and money management methodology.

    A plan is a path to long term success, this should be your goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I find it's very intriguing if trade EURUSD or even USDJPY with stop reduction and trail profit. Is it possible? If possible... please anybody suggest me some system Excel file below... file
    7 pips isn't anything but difficult to achieve in a day yet not reliably everyday.Whoever said its easy to make 7 pips standard reliably they don't have the foggiest notion about the stats.If you can create 7 pips regular reliably you can opportunity more per exchange. Obviously you are able to normal more than 7 pips on an exchange for sure.which parcel of traders are doing.But cannot make sure you will create 7 pips everyday.since you are starting with 100 dollars you will go out on a limb nevertheless not when that cash increments to 10k. You are gambling 2k dollars for every exchange which is the hardest part to deal with.

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    How many pips you may make in a day its completely depend on your own trading egies and cash handling approach. And rest on which you balance have.

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    Anybody can share EA that can make 7-10pips daily?

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    All the more basically what is your run of the mill trade measuring? On the off chance that you are trading a smaller scale or little $100 or $1,000 account in all probability 7 pips is Dollar astute. Be that as it might on the off chance that you are investing in a substantial listing and trading along the lines of 10-20 regular parcels/exchange then 7 pips is significant in a Dollar viewpoint. You are accepting you will earn around 28% yields for every month. That's quite recently insane. Not the coming every month but instead that the risk you will create those profits every month for 60 straight months.

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    It's fairly possible, I believe. It's even probable, that's the important part. Still, every trader should be ready for losses, even if one is aiming for just 7 pips per day. Sometimes trades just do not go your own way. The hard part is to ensure loss does not wipe out your profits to start with.

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    I would not chace any daily targets myself, cause that this could result in overtading and entering the market in the wrong time in order to compensate for possible losses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Anybody could share EA that may make 7-10pips daily?
    I think manual trading is much useful in this case! Because, EA trading is restricted when guide trading is flexible!

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