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Thread: 7 pips per day? is it possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    All of the professional traders that I know, whether they trade FX or futures markets, don't make so much daily. That's a phrase used by marketers, since they know what novices are looking for, and that's a steady income so they can get rid of their jobs. Money from the market that it is possible to count on doesn't come stable or nicely so much daily. Real traders make profits, funding their costs, save some profits, add some profits for their accounts for further building of the account, etc.,. Just like every company, which is exactly what actual trading...
    , you are fantastic!
    Thanks for posting this stuff!

    Because said, it depends on your profitability and the leverage you use to skyrocket 7 pips/day.
    That a 55% profitability will get you a certain amount to risk with a certain leverage.
    66% will get you something else.

    To give you an example taken from my immediate experience.
    I wanted to risk all that I knew and considered to be right for a 64% profitable platform (that's a good border nevertheless).
    Mathematically it was right and that I felt comfortable gambling in accore with my standards.
    Reality is chy tough. I awakened from a bad dream.
    64 percent became 45-46% because of the bad variance, though my sample was okay (thousands of transactions itemized).
    I realized this just after 100-150 trades.
    Actually, I was overbetting and performance-wise I felt it in my bones.

    Answer is: you can make 7 pips, but will you've got any money left to acquire your own 7 pips?
    Hanover's post explains without doubt the rationale behind this company: shed weight, win a little more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    for everyone who said making 7 pips a day is easy or anyone could do this, try to do it everyday for a year then. Have a look at the trade explorers, there are individuals who can easily earn couple hundred pips in a couple of days or a thousand pips in a month. But examine the whole year and average it out among each of their wins and losses you will realize they barely even breakeven a month on average in terms of account building If you could only make 7 pips every day on a virtually certain rate regular, you'd be a millionaire in no time provided u also have some...
    Totally concur average of year or month is the point.

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    I am not sure that you could make 7 pips a day but I think you can make huge money in case you have good knowldge and also have great skills about Forex.

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    In my case, I obtained 10pips per trade within 10 days secuentially.

    But last trade caused losing all money.

    Getting money is tough and long moment. Losing money is short but feel better

    Anyway my judgment is the fact that it is not crucial that you get money. It is more important

    not to get a stress from trade so that you can exchange long moment.

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    7 pips daily is very simple to achieve, heck a total noob could do it. Look for TEB's 5,13 ema crass with rsi 20 trading egy with this forum. It's most likely the type of system that noobs begin with as it's not difficult to trade, even on smaller time frames. Hope that this helps GOOD LUCK with your trading.


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    If 7 pips/day is considered as achievable, then traders could actually make big cash if they trade with big lot size, isn't it? As an example, a lot size of 1.00 with a profit of 7 pips would be 700 USD. 700 USD daily, what a major amount of money. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote In their defense, when you begin with $1K, it is hard to focus on risk. It is like playing the slot machines. You really care if you eliminate a few dollars? Add those $500 deposits within a few years and you've lost a fantastic chunk of change. However, that is not the worst part. The worst part is that you've wasted valuable time.
    Well said, most people who are looking for forex have protected jobs and may (I hope!) Afford to eliminate the bit of money that they put in as time passes. Nonetheless, it's time that your wasting if you are not learning from the mistakes while you're doing so.

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    Hi eurusdthb,

    concentrate on good trading initially and not on the amount of money that you can make. If you're trading good and you can do it repeatedly then you will earn money. With a developing account you will have to overcome emotional hurdles that you didn't have before using a smaller account size. Remain trendy and take your time to understand the comprehensive trading thing (technical skills and controlling your emotions) until you risk a lot of your hard earned money in the Currency Market market.


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    07 Pips is truly possible. But you need to scalp if you are likely to target 07 pips. Which might not be the appropriate egy for you.

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