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Thread: Anyone have a trading system w/90% win rate?

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    Swap arbitrage yields even better results, just find brokers with best swap-free accounts and make risk free profit

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    I receive an error message You cannot access somebody else's portfolio.

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    Hello all, I'm just curious to see if anybody that has a trading system that can attain a 90% win rate, using only 1-5 trades open in any one given time. That can also be traded in any market requirement. When there's some Newbies who want to understand how I put up my transactions drop me a message. I would like to make sure others can achieve the same type of success I really do without even murdering their Margin. If others can replie exactly what I do, then I'm on the ideal path in my live trading.
    My win rate is close to 90%

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    I fall into this egory. I believe the key is patience and cash management. Never over leverage yourself and reduce losses which aren't recoverable and you can be ok. So far so great hopefully I can keep this up.

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    Properly havent tried this system yet. But heard favorable reviews by a buddy of mine about it. Can anyone tell that system is that? Whats the title of the system?
    Image attached!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I receive an error message You cannot access someone else's portfolio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Well havent tried this system yet. But heard favorable reviews about it from a friend of mine. Can anybody tell which system is that? Whats the name of this system? Image attached!! picture
    that's the belkhayate centre of gravity. on backtest it works awesomely. On forward evaluation it fails as the indior repaints.

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    I believe it would be very good if you were able to get 51% right. Over time you would earn a lot of cash. What do you believe?

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    Who cares about triumph rate?

    You win 90% of trades and make 1 pip

    You lose 10% of transactions and shed 10 pips every 1

    Where's your edge?

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