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Thread: Deep Fib Zones with Daily High/Lows

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    Deep fibo 127 percent ( buy) 1.5128 t/p 1.5240

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    1 Attachment(s) In The Event The EU drops a good buy place would be 1.4112
    - key amount supported by 79 percent fibp on 12/17 and was the high in 12/16

    When the EU rallys a good sell place would be 1.4807
    - this really is the 127 percent fibo

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    Japan's Yosano says BOJ rate cut has been daring choice.

    Thus JPY created their cut however their currency still stregthen.

    The GBP currency is getting beat across the board, while EUR retains its own.

    Need to Concentrate on Sunday the Calender for weekly.

    Notice it is holiday week and generally lil volume.

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    This is a good thread.


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    2 Attachment(s) - Good trade chance
    - The red horizontal line is a daily service amount 1.4983
    - Price hit that amount and rallied 117pips into 1.5100
    - The next two charts illues this trade

    Chart 1 (5min Chart) displays the actually trade entry point
    Chart 2 (daily chart) displays some daily and weekly SupportResistance amounts

    Happy trading

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    1 Attachment(s) we are still in the exact same trading session jan 8, 2009 and yet another trade opportunity on the GBP/USD.

    - Price Attain a daily resistance level and was rejected.
    - see chart below, price has drop 114pips and still counting

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    1 Attachment(s) - Viewing a daily resistance degree @ 1.3923
    - this degree was service back on 9/11/08 and remained a good support level a few days towards the end of December 08.
    - When price rally's we may see a rebound, see chart below

    Joyful trading

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    Chart breakdown on 4hr, 1hr and 5min.

    All revealing support line and price hovering directly over it.

    Got into commerce at
    BUY 1.5185
    1st TP 1.5215
    2nd TP 1.5235

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