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    I'm sorry to hear you won't be posting. I've heard a lot from the analysis.

    Are you really bullish on US equities?i would love to find some of your analysis on that. I've always maintained that the most easy currency is in stocks when there is a solid bull market.

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    I am still not certain where we get the levels from in the first place, although I think I understand when to go long or short based on the levels.

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    aw bro!

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    Hopefully this thread gave you some new ideas or assisted with present ones. I won't be posting upgrades. I am scaling back on currency positions and will be devoting most of my time to positioning for the biggest bull market in US stocks ever.

    Take good care and Best of Luck.

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    Im trying to find this out also.
    I think the red values is out of the preceding nearest tested high added or substracted 5-8 points according to your own risk factor prior to 17:00 close.

    how bout u bro? Figure out something?

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    I think I understand when to go short or long dependent on the levels, but I'm still not sure where we receive the levels from in the first place.

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    No he didn't give information out. I would just be guessing at trying to find the levels.

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    Im doing a little research and found out that the value can be obtained with Market Profile indior on tradestation or even metatrader.

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    No, unfortunately, he didn't give out very much information. At trying to find the levels I would just be guessing.

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    this value could be gain by understanding or using market profile indior or when u are already master u can definitly see where's the appropriate value of price and found that the support and resistance.

    USDJPY - small bullish

    106.66 Down Risk

    values are calculated at north america near 17:00.

    This info is used only as instructional functions. Any reduction or gain aquire by using this info won't be my liable.

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    Thank you for your explanation. Is this an actual indior? In that case, will you please join it for our use? Second, any additional explanation concerning how to utilize this indior and also make superior calculations will be appreciated. Thank you again.

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    I attach it. See post.

    The use of the indior based on myself would be the more a price analyzed on a lot of market ( asia, america and europa ) the stronger the price worth be. And that may be utilized as resistant or support.

    thats all i know about market profile.
    Its quite helpful for intraday trading.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks for your explanation. Is this an actual indior? Will you please attach it in that case? Second, any explanation concerning how to use this indior and make calculations will be appreciated. Thank you.

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