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    In case anybody is following along or trying to understand this notion here is an update....

    Things worked out really well today, not necessarily so blessed of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    SOmething distinct. Maybe it will provide you a few ideas. Here are the initial trades based on the attachment of tommorrow.


    Short @ 1.4829
    Target1 = 1.4780
    Risk over 1.4830

    Watch for a change at 4780, if price moves through 4780 stay short. If price moves through 1.4830 ardently, reverse to extended.
    You would have been short at 4829, the very first target 4780 was struck and price discounted. In case you took profit, you ought to have been short again under 4780. You would continue to maintain short with another target at 4572. Price is at 4669. Up around 160 pips.

    Considering that 4780 has traded, it's considered solved and will be eliminated after the close today

    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Short @ 9731
    Target = 9632
    Risk over 9774

    Watch for a change at 9682, if price moves via 9682 stay short. If price moves upward through 9774 ardently, reverse to target and long 2.0486.
    You would be short at 9731, continuing to maintain short for 9632. Currently up 56 points.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Short @ 106.69
    Target = 106.29
    Risk over 106.73

    Watch for a change at 106.29, if price moves through this level, remain short and target 105.42.

    If prices goes upward through 106.73, then inverse to extended and target 107.24.
    You would have been short at 106.69. After price transferred through 106.73, you ought to have reversed and targeted 107.24. Price is currently at 107.43. Based upon your losses round the change area, you ought to be up around 50 points or more. If price goes back below 107.24, I'd cover the transaction and wait.

    Considering that 107.24 has traded, this will probably be taken out at the end of trading today in North America.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Swissy - The same method utilizing Bridge Amounts
    You would have been short the franc at 1.0878, after price moved over 1.0890 you could have reversed at this level. The next target level at 1.0986 has traded thru and we're currently at 1.1018. You would be up about 100 points or more.

    Since 1.0890 and 1.0986 happen to be traded, they'll be taken out at the end of the NA session.

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    Only a remark...

    In certain ways, this is a day trading method since at the close of every day old levels could possibly be replaced and a new level may appear.

    What will happen is a trader would want to make a decision at some stage throughout the Asian session when preserving the current loion is still indied.

    This doesn't necessarily occur, but might occur.

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    Woa its appearance like a support resistance trading if im incorrect.
    Looks fine bro. Thanks ill try to understand it.

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    Correct, very straightforward

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    woa its appearance like an support resistance trading if im incorrect.
    Looks fine bro. Thanks ill try to understand it.

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    Just a notice. . .the very best time to begin trading these levels is about 3:00 AM EST (London Session). This will lower the amount of reversals. The method is robust if traded during the Asian session if a trader is disciplined to undo at the red box degree.

    Take care.

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    Bro I want to ask some thing in the pdf documents.

    The prices at
    red represent the nearest session reference and are the most relevant. These
    values have been calculated at the close of the North American session.
    Can u explain how to figure out the prices in red?

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    Like I said, I won't offer it to you....but I can help you find it.

    To acquire the most relevant session price, examine the time and earnings from futures market for each pair.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    bro I wish to ask some thing in the pdf documents.

    The prices in
    red represent the closest session benchmark and are the most important. These

    values are calculated at the close of the North American semester.

    Can u explain how to calculate the prices in red?

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    SymbolMonthOpenHighLowLastChgVolumeOpenIntDate TimeDTE
    http://www.pfgbest.com/traders_tools...es.asp?sym=QJYMarch 9390?9446?9389?9403 24 50889 196732Wednesday, February 06, 2008 13:47:4340

    bro I take some futures information of yen.

    Is earnings = available price of their futures at each session or its the near price of futures contract ?

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    Bro im attempting to compute and heres the worth I've got for USDJPY and EURJPY to get 07/02/08
    correct me whether the values are mistaken.



    106.70 $





    156.52 $



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    Good work. You're almost right on. Due to our information providers, we will always differ slightly. No big deal. Sorry I am a little late with this one. Had some other committments.

    I shot the arrows off, I think they were perplexing. Just remember to trade the numbers form of as pivots. Once the number is taken out, eliminate from the listing.

    There have been some nice trades at these levels. The pound is testing one now.

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