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    I enjoy it fiji, this really wouldnt be hard at all to set up (infrastructure wise). Do we have interest in the group trading thought?

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    1. Everyone would have to trade the identical system.
    2. Each person records each transaction and its specifics.
    3. Every person submits a business plan of their own of how they are going to exchange the system.
    4. Everyone discusses each others company plan one at a time with input and critique till everyone has a firm plan they're satisfied with.
    5. Each person has access to others business plan to ensure any questions anybody asks will be relevant to that persons said plan.
    6. Every trader must post their account reports at the conclusion of the week with their transaction log for all to view and talk.
    7. Every person testimonials anothers log and makes a list of questions with the notion of assisting the other to acknowledge and face mistakes.
    8. Whatever other formal procedures that ensure objective trading opinions is provided for each trader so that each trader finally becomes self regulating and goal within their very own review of the own trading habits -- through mutual analysis in addition to candid conversation and opinions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I enjoy it fiji, this really wouldnt be hard at all to set up (infrastructure shrewd). Do we still have interest in the group trading thought?
    I believe this is a fantastic idea.... I will be in it.
    I believe this might help a hell of a lot ....with trading area and accountablity and not just that it could be ppl helping each other out.
    There is a lot to be said for group/team dynamics.

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    I think that the Journals Forum will act as a group trading forum informaly. Apparently, every thread there'll be started by means of a pioneer (Or already have been initiated by a single), and just people that want to join in and follow will check out and participate. I don't think you Will Have to induce group trading, so it will just come out normally while traders assess that the Journals Factory



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    I would like to second that. One of the things (probably the major thing today I think about it) that keeps me coming back intoforexintuitiveis so that some of the wisdom coming from guys like fiji, and dial to mention a few keeps me on track trading shrewd and I think that by osmosis this will eventually become a part of who we are as traders for newbies like myself. Thanks again to each of you for sharing; trading is a great but lonely endeavor and I for one greatly appreciate the group sharing thoughts.


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    How accurate Bluey,

    Teach us how to fish guys. And just how to watch out for Mobby....LOL

    Ron F.

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    Did a match light ?

    Thats really aamazing that a noob like me can bring this type of fascination back into play, however the 10 or 11 points from FijiTrader (lol I thought I had edited this befroe but I guess not) are far beyond my level of understanding so I am just gonna watch from the sidelines and learn form you men.

    Could I suggest something? I dont know if was thought about, business plans and the other stuff is fine but we are working with a market which is very volatile and all your best laid plans can be thrown aside by a hurricane. In such a scenario ching that tide is far too important compared to company program.

    I believe that apart from placing everything in the forum and using an offline conversation there te could meet up online and actually talk to each other. Yeah I confused you now did it not? I have used a program called tepeak whilst playing multi-player gaming and I have a server installed at home that functions as a meeting place to discuss egy and how to obtain victory over the enemy.

    So that you see the idea that I was not different but just an addon. If you men feel comfortable I will set up a test room just for individuals contributing to this post to learn how it works, simultaneously Merlin could set up the area where most of the folks may discuss this further.

    Allow Me to know if thats ok


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    How accurate Bluey,

    Teach us how to fish guys. And how to watch out for Mobby....LOL

    Ron F.
    Or just how one can grab a couple of million small fish on a continuous and consistent basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thats really aamazing that a noob like me can deliver this kind of interest back to play, nevertheless the 10 or 11 points by Narfa are far beyond my level of understanding so that I am just gonna observe from the sidelines and learn form you men.
    What 10 or 11 points by me??? I think You're speaking about FT, not me...



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    My God What A Walk Down Memory Lane. I Miss The Old Days AND THE OLD GUYS/GALS. Much Im Yelling. WE HAD A TON OF FUN BACK THEN Once You COULD WHISPER AND STILL GET NOTICED.

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