how to download an entire thread ?
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Thread: how to download an entire thread ?

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    If I wish to download and print so I can read it when I am on a rest, is there anyway to download an whole thread without printing all the backgrounds ? thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    nobody knows how to download an whole thread??
    Best way I can think of is copying page after page into Microsoft Word using Glue Special..Unformatted Text. It'll take you some time, but it is the only thing coming to mind.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks, too bad the threads couldn't be downloaded, otherwise it'll be lifesaver look at it to be countless webpages... requires days/months to see...

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    OK made it for you

    Click on Thread Tools-Printable variant

    Then there should be a button on the bottom right that says Display all XX posts on one page

    Click that and you go.

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    Whoops, looks like that will only get you 40 posts. I'll keep trying.

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    Send Merlin (I think he runs the website) a message and ask him to look for an add-on for vBulletin that will let you do what you ask.

    The are the best spot to look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    OK got it for you Click Thread Tools-Printable variant Then there should be a button at the bottom right that says Show all XX articles on a single page Click that and there you go. Andersenws

    Apologies if this was answered before or is a known problem. While I select Printable Version to get a thread I'm viewing, the charts don't appear, just the links to them that do not open up. I formerly (back in 2015) managed to see the charts in the Printable Version of any threads.
    Just wondering if anybody has the very same troubles.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Nobody knows how to download an entire thread??

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