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Thread: Scalping-pro - the next Holy Grail?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    in back evaluation it gives u tremendous result with a spread less than 9 point or 0.9 pips fixed , because there's not any broker with such a tiny fixed spread , therefore it's impossible to make money from it
    I totally take your point about what's wrong with it (a frequent issue, of course, with these items and the way they're presented) and you are right to say so, also; but you look from the statement just above to become confusing brokers with counterparty market-makers and retail bucketshops: Interactive Brokers (for example) has a 0.1 pip spread on EUR/USD and commissions from just $2 per cent, according to monthly volume. Such methods can at times be workable (for as long as they operate) if you use a real broker and not someone who is trading against you personally. A real broker doesn't head you out the market because he's got no interest in the outcome of your trades, but a counter-party market manufacturer won't allow you to scalp them forever, even if the sp-reads do make it viable. Please forgive my sounding pedantic about this: I'm just saying (because nobody else is going to!) .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote If you would like a programmer to reverse engineer the egy by the code, then you'll need to furnish the .mq4 file.
    No, thanks. Besides, I do not have a mq4 file, it is not my ea.
    Anyhow, Tablet8 explained this for me. The simple fact that it won't work is sufficient for me
    Now I wish I might have an choice to delete this thread, therefore it won't deceive anyone into buying this item.

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    As a programmer, I could tell it is extremely easy to deceive anyone with back evaluation results.

    Utilize back evaluation result just to see initial validation. Always run any program in live and see how it works for few days with small lots.

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    How Can try this EA?
    EA asks for a password?

    Best wishes

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    Trading hours Because I live in Asia. :--RRB-
    Reasons for inputting :
    - Price goes down, touches dragon, but does not split it.
    - Trend is moving up on M1, M5 and M15
    - Volume reveals two candles (red then pink)
    Rationale for exiting:
    - Dragon was initially showing a diagonal movement upwards, but after a while it was more like a flat line.
    I existed this just in time since then it started to perform a correction.

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    EA's will not perform as you expect. You will lose money if you exchange this way so please use the smallest lot size possible

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    Another Backtest holygrail scalper. No thanks . Been there done that.

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    Hello watta; may I get the account link! In fact, I'm curious to see the result at this time, hope this trading EA keeps incorporating green pips as such as the picture that you added. By the way, now I will use this trading EA, I'll update you the result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I backtested that the EA, the result is very good.
    For better or worse, it is obviously a (capped) martingale. By merely looking at the equity curve, the telltale sign is the way the pos sizes increase exponentially every time the equity dips, causing immediate recovery; except two occasions where the cap has been reached, and recovery is labored as pos size yields to the original stake.

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    You are right
    thank for the well explanation.

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