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Thread: Trading forex profitable is impossible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Nice logic. I am not profitable nobody can be profitable.
    I only started looking into this world of forex trading, and this was only my observation.


    Do not get me wrong, I appreciated your opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Maarten,

    I sense your fruion
    I'm not frued, since I haven't begun trading with real money. I am just looking at things and only practising just a little piece with a demo account.

    Thanks I love your comment!


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    In case you have a egy that suppose that when price do this then there's 75 percent chances that price will do that we could assume that if you are right 75 percent of the time, then you are normal. If you are right greater than 75 percent of the time you are lucky and less than 75 percent you are unlucky...

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    In the context of Forex trading neglect is a relative term.

    Does neglect mean blow your life's savings?

    Does neglect mean quit or quit?

    Does neglect mean that a statistical rate of loss over a given interval?

    Does neglect mean from everybody who has ever traded in the past twenty years on 5 percent have more income than when they started?

    Does mean imply some traders in which able to become a little bit profitable but insufficient to live off their earnings?

    That amount of 95% losers does not clarify what neglect means. In reality, to comprehend what concept of failure a trader is utilizing we must first comprehend what concept of success he is using.

    I feel that success in any area is a consequence of follow exactly the same core principles. These core principles operate everywhere they are sensibly tried.

    Rather, maybe we should state that 95 percent of Currency Market traders are NOT tuned in with the way to sensibly execute the core principles of success.

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    Among the greatest traders (W.D Gann) took 10 years to learn his craft, and he did it w/o the usage of computers. You must expect to spend a lot of time mastering this.

    Everyone can trade profitably, you only have to immerse yourself into the world of, read , read, paper trade/demo trade until your profitable for 1 year. THEN, begin with a small account. If you blow out your account, repeat the demo trading till you understand why you blew out, then begin again.

    Another thing, keep your expectations reasonable. Forget buying in the intense low/selling in the extreme top. It's not required for profitable trading. Money Management is the key.

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    Clever math you've got there. I understand when I started trading I spent 50 percent of the time in that 5 percent club. Mainly because I did not understand what I was doing and I benefited from that. Then it appeared the more 'expertise' or 'skill' I gained the more often I ended up in the 95% club. Go figure.

    So I asked myself, if I only open my broker and click buy/sell and allow the chips fall where they may? Nope; I realized I was overlooking the most important system in forex. Money Management. I Made convinced my RR was at 1:1.3 and I started making money. When I used a system that only worked 50 percent of this time I still made money.

    There's a fine line between giving and taking in forex. I prefer to be selfish with all the markets and generous with traders.

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    Fantastic Article, Chris. One of the best I've read on this forum. Thank you for this contribution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello Tdion,

    Perhaps you found Chris's post dull (for some of us it is things that we know or have heard before), but his article is something which adds value to this thread (something you have not done, but that I really wish you would hope to perform). Since his very last article I went and read his other two previous messages, and he only communies things which might be possibly enlightening and beneficial to the members of the forum. We would do well to follow his example.

    If I misinterpreted your comment, Tdion, I apologize.

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    To Maarten999:
    I had the same query and fruion when started 4 years ago. The answer to your query is within your query. If 95% drop and 5 percent win then why don't you research what those 5 percent do and the way they think. That opened my mind and helped me to make money consistently. Additionally, many who I know make money consistently in the Forex, first had to obtain the answer to this query before the were able to make money. Itself is misled by Public and lose. Sitting in front of the pc alone in your house there is something which makes you a part of this herd. In the event that you had the open mind you'd already discover the solution.

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    Fantastic luck on your trip.... I have traveled long and far on mine....

    My only advice: watch that you hear.

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