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Thread: Trading forex profitable is impossible!

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    Forex Currency Trading is impossible to Have the Ability to profit by not having Ability and upon Skill is maximized, it is impossible, and in Conducting their business with a forex trading at the preparation and readiness to carry out forex Industry It'll Be able to easily at the profits obtained

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    In trading, everybody knows that it's too risky to play at the market yet many people try their luck. I've been exploring for a long time concerning trading along with its pros and cons. A lot of individuals have wrong impressions when it comes to enjoying the market in which they think it is easy, but what they do not understand is that it actually needs enough knowledge and skills in order to succeed.

    Profits I believe is not really impossible. Why? - it is because if you understand the trend and you have knowledge about what could it become, you understand what ought to have done. This type of trading also needs luck in the negative but what is your secret is your unending updates of possible fashion and changing market worth. It needs hardwork and patience.

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    Most things,particularly in the market, we can't explain readily through straightforward deductive reasoning we usually ascribe to luck, chance ,randomness or inexplicable market noise and in some minor number of cases that's probably true.But ,undoubtedly , the increased amount of market gyrations and fluctuations is directly attributable to the couple bars onto a OHLC chart that immediately precede the current pub. I'd further imply that randomnessis the term we use when the variables in any specific issue or set of problems (the FX market for example)are overly infinitely large for our heads, even with the assistance of fast computers, to fully understand and fathom and
    change to quickly for us to behave. I have a tendency to ramble( so I have been told) so please bear with me when I get off point My main points are as follows(1) There is no such thing as randomness in financial markets (2) Most market analysts, if highly experienced or not are working on the wrong issue, I liken it to the medieval physicians and ne men hoping to cure infectious diseases by bleeding their patients or cupping them to remove harmful blood and air. They of course did not know the patients were afflicted by bacteria or viruses invisible and unknown to them or other physiological malfunctions beyond the scope of their knowledge and capability. They were hoping to take care of the symptom in order to cure the illness. Likewise by using the 35 or so most well-known indiors, in any permutation or combination imaginable, with any money management system yet invented, and any that might might be devised in the future, most traders are overlooking the minutiae of each individual bar and how its close and range relate to these bars which immediately precede it. Therein, my dear fellow traders , I believe lies the key to solving the issue. Enough said to trading

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    Indeed it would not be possible if they don't have the skill maximum capacity in profits get, since the forex industry it's important to fight and try to improve trading skills are good, because with no instant in forex get into profit using consistent

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    For 99.99% it is not possible to exchange profitable.
    They will never make it.
    They do not have the capability to identify and recognize exclusive market stages in which the chances are a lot higher to succeed.

    Over time, I have seen literally 100s of wanna-be traders, traders and gurus.
    ALL of them failed.
    They were trading during wrong occasions and with wrong expectations.

    If you would like to make the big bucks, then you have to devote 1000s and 1000s of hours ahead of the display.
    Figure out in which phases you have a realistic possibility.
    The most difficult part is to narrow it all down to it, always wait for it, spot it early and then implement.
    Because these periods do not last forever.

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    In the long term, skill is much more important than fortune.

    You can get lucky on an individual windfall, a single commerce, but consistent effective trading isn't luck. It is a career.

    I have been trading for 2 decades now, consistently profitable. Never blown an account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Every movement on these short term timeframes like the 1m, 5m and 15m charts are so hard to predict.

    Be friendly men!
    Hello Maarten! Here's just my two cents to the topic. I'm going to get to ask you a question first. Are you basing the achievement of anybody on these short timeframes? If you're, then your best! In my opinion, luck has a great deal to do with the lower timeframes, but skill is also a essential necessity.

    If one is able to note a repeatable pattern, even on the reduced timeframes, then they are going to earn a profit time and again. There are a lot of factors involved, which is the reason you have to keep tabs on them as well.

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    Every movement on these brief term timeframes like the 1m, 5m and 15m charts are so difficult to predict.

    1st . . We don't attempt to predict anything, we rely on price momentum.

    2nd . . Trying to exchange these brief TFs is absurd, way to market noise,
    you will need to use a TF long enough that noise is not such a factor and allows the momentum to carry your position

    3rd . . Luck isn't involved, you've to have an edge, just like the casino they make millions with an extremely small percent edge.

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    Great logic. I'm not profitable no one can be profitable.

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    Hi Maarten,

    I sense your fruion, and I believe that most traders can relate to this. Trading is hard way to make an easy living, regardless of what late-night infomercials may assert.

    The failure rate for any endeavor that needs ability, ability, and possibly even luck is always higher than the success rate. The more difficult the task is, the greater the rate of collapse.

    How many traders are successful in trading Forex? It's difficult at best to speculate. What's success? Can it be earning a 6 figure income, making more than 5% a year, or perhaps even just holding on to your own capital? Also, how do you define failure? Can it be losing your stake, or is it just walking away from the enterprise?

    Let's assume that trading collapse is losing all your capital within the first year of trading. If that's true, is it really any surprise that 90-95 percent of fledging retail traders lose all their cash in a relatively short span of time? Most individuals have the unrealistic expectation that they may make a fast fortune with a small investment by over leveraging and over trading without any instruction, expertise, or a well thought out business plan.

    Of course you can always find someone or something to blame on your lack of success (such as broker manipulation, bank arrangements, random events, as well as sunlight areas and El Niño), however I personally think you are only a failure if you quit. Take responsibility for your successes and failures, and in case you are not seeing the results you desire, dig down deep and discover what is necessary to make your goals a reality.

    Up till lately, it had been a widely held belief that 90% of all start up business failed over the first 1-5 decades. Now more accurate numbers are emerging which show the statistics to be closer to 50-60 percent. Perhaps that will be true for trading also, but even if it doesn't, remember that failing is easy and requires very little effort while success is a challenge and requires hard work and commnt.

    Get your mind right, Maarten. If others have learned to succeed in this sport, you potentially can also.

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