Trading forex profitable is impossible!
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Thread: Trading forex profitable is impossible!

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    I don't need to insult you personally as a trader. I am here to talk about things with a open mind.

    But I've a question: how can anyone commerce FX profitable for a while, lets say annually. Because in the brief term you might get a couple of pips on each trade but in my view that is still betting. Should you roll the dice a couple of times there's a change it hits the amount 2 a few times in a row. But the guy throwing that dice did not do anything to it. It was the luck of the toss.

    So what I am saying is this; something like 95% of the traders fail. Imagine if the 5% that are doing well in the FX market are simply having fortune. Everybody in the FX market is rolling the dice and some individuals have a few times in a row the identical number.

    Every movement on these short term timeframes such as the 1m, 5m and 15m charts are so hard to predict. There are to many factors to determain at which the price is going. For example; news, oil, stock markets, governments, central banks intervention, employment numbers and ofcourse banks and hedge funds creating there have price actions. In case you made a egy where the price is going, these things are impossible to calculate into your trading program.

    The only way I see how trading FX can be profitable is to invest in on the long term tendencies and just follow it.

    Now, lets open the discussion!


    Incidentally; please don't come in here stating I exchange for three months today and 8 of my 10 transactions are from the green. Because that doesn't mean anything. A friend of mine always wins something at the lottery, while I am a member for ten decades and have never won anything bigger then 10 euro's. What exactly does that mean? Its just fortune. Some people have it, and some don't.

    Be friendly men!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The only way I understand how trading Currency Market could be profitable would be to get in on the long-term tendencies and just follow it.
    Interesting Perspective. In my situation Iv been trying to do that and that I couldnt make money that way. Once I started taking counter trend trades with 4/1 or more RR mi Profit Factor rised up to 5 or 4 (with a set of principles obviusly).

    So I think thats a beauty thing concerning trading, a lot of people cant make money but if you look into the winners circle you will understand that everyone do a diferent thing haha.

    So surely there is not The only way to be profitable.

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    Forex trading profits are Large, so the Profits in forex I Think Will be obtained if the skill ability that we have the maximum trading, profits will depend on the capabilities that we have today

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    The question to ask yourself is the way some traders make consistent gains.

    Just having luck has nothing to do with it.

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    Whether it is Forex, or another market, It is and shall always be a Zero Sum Game. Take a Look at the oracle of Omaha. Even he doesn't have consistent positive returns. Every 3 to 4 years there is a reduction.

    I agree, consistence is what matters. I just started a few weeks ago and I am wiping out demo accounts like no tomorrow, then assessing and wondering what the hell did I do wrong?! My RSI was great, Stochastics on point, bollinger ring was broken, etc.. So why did I end up on the wrong side of this trade?

    The beauty of it is that as a beginner, you have unlimited info. What I can say as a beginner is that, two components really beat us up when we start:

    We're greed: we search for profits and when we get them, we become irresponsible, or when we lose, we tend to lose FX for a little while without really learning from those losses.

    We go through information overload: There IS too much information concerning the market. A lot of sound, and we try to harmonize EVERYTHING believing it should help us, when in fact, we have to learn when to listen to specific songs and should ignore them. Yes, I am talking about News and Indiors overall.

    So there is that. Just do not stop studying.

    KEEP A LOG!!!

    Every trade, position, time and reason why, place it down. At the end of the week, find out from each trade that which you did well that you COULD repeat, and what you didn't do well and the reason why.

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    Indeed it'll be impossible if we don't have the skills and abilities that maximum advantage can be obtained easily. Forex is a business that Isn't easy to conduct as well as possible, it is necessary to always to test as much as possible and understand how risks can be manipulated properly to get the Actual advantage will be obtained in Currency Market

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I dont think in my standpoint trading Forex is profitable just for u if u follow strictly money management.
    And how is thatany different from any and all other facets in life ?

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    It is likely to be profitable, even consistently profitable, but it is quite tricky to get there. The majority of traders lose their cash -- usually people say it's about 95 percent of traders who do, even however I don't know how accurate that number is. It is a definitely large portion, of that I am sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The majority of traders lose their cash generally people say its about 95 percent of traders who do
    that this styatistics should be discerned between actual business peoples (CEO's or entrepreneurs) and ordinary peoples that spend the lives being edued safety equals a Social Security Number and a rescue project . . Or Put simply having somebody else take care of them as the primary goal

    I think then the numbers would look much distinct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I seldom post on the FF, but I have seen a lot of these articles lately - questioning (or, in some instances, audaciously asserting) that it is impossible to trade successfully in the long run, or that some long-term possibility of succeeding is optional much more towards fortune than a solid trading practice. Let me address this as completely as possible, ideally at a order. The time-frames which are you currently trading on (1m, 5m, etc) will definitely be exposed to a substantial amount of sound - news releases or other liquidity spikes will probably be...
    If all traders followed the systematic approach outlined above, which I applaud and agree with, than all decisions would be the same and most traders ,awarded any person pair/ timeframe would be on precisely the same side of the trade creating a or untradeable market. Thank goodness for the 95% of traders who don't use a scientific, empirical. Analysis to determine trading choices, their losses offer the profits for those that do. Forgive my cynisism but that I had been a 95%er for quite a while.

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