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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Seems so , hit around 102 again ahead of the down train really starts !
    So it increases with Allen's Testifying yesterday still may to increase a bit farther before more to down to have next support possibly , one small leg up then to fail here, 101.22 now. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote therefore it raises with Allen's Testifying yesterday may to increase a little further before more to get next aid perhaps , one small leg up afterward to fail, 101.22 currently. .
    here we are. 100.5, the support zone. Iguess,it may slip further to 100, then go up.

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    We could visit 101 / 102 again at the forthcoming weeks

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    bullish is still in charge. Blow 100.5,bearish will find a chance.

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    Bearish is perhaps too early too say

    imo it's still long unless a big reversal develops

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    Greater earners, lower highs: as of now. We can call bearish if we view a non under 99.24.

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    I see you limit down up 97.59 broken so possible correction involving 98.36 but if fall further later towards 95. Take good care .

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    bearish channel sine Jan 2017.
    It's near the lower line of the channel at this instant. Some support maybe.

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    bearish trend continued sine 2017.01.
    see ya at 93.

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