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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Along with the lines marked reddish have been used as pitchfork lines, trading long on lower median line and brief on upper median line.

    Sometimes, occasionally not a response Well, so long as those lines supply me with adequate powerful scenarios I really don't concern if others view them as arbitrary.
    Well what I was trying to convey was: if there's occasionally a response, but occasionally not, there's got to be a defining ruleset which enables you to exchange them. I.e. in the event that you find something saying how great it works, remember to also put in an explanation what it is that you're really showing.

    Personally, this was/is my universe : Yes, price can show response at old lines occasionally, but I've found that there's normally one defining line you want to watch(unless there's a triangle/wedge/pennant like in the later charts, which is always important to watch) and the 1 response I search for is a TL break then retest verifiion of this loss. There's also stations etc, but that is usually another TL with another one which is not THAT important ;p

    If you use pitchforks and re-use broken/violated TLs, then I simply have to know why, how it is supposed to work, what it tells me() and where to input, put a stop and at which to aim for, and what it is, which gives the entrance in the first place(in summary: what's the setup, what's the transaction).

    Just pointing out a brief: is not this great might be fine as a exclamation of happyness, but it does little to help me comprehend what you're trying to state chartwise and why. The intention of this post is uncertain if it is hard for anybody beyond you(who trades it/can exchange it) to comprehend what it is that you're posting(if it is only useful for you - why make it a article?) . Or at least it was beyond me. I nudged a bit ;p

    Not wanting to start a riot

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    thank you for sharing your expertise and help as I constant trying to improve myself me resolving flaws in how I trade every trade. Even though I have the ability to make profits, I'm still a little fish adjusting/improving to this market. So far as I see it, developing/polish own egy to make me a resilient trader and constantly (i.e years) profitable is a long street (to success) with a lot more years of practice lying before me. And I will dig into open interest.

    : I know you wanted a explanation from my cluttered chart and apologies for not committing any as it DID looks so logical to my dead-tired head when posting it lol

    I'm glad you started this riot : or else I would not learn from this trade as I walked away with profit and did not see anything wrong with this till you mentioned it. Making profit but lacking meaningful wisdom is dangerous, IMO.

    As for your pitchforks, allow me to state that those setups have demoned to be rather profitable events in my trading. But I can rely the number of times those setups that are ideal have occurred. Might improve with my expertise

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    with anchorfx_trendmaster. Mq4

    first figure is power of this weekly tendency on a scale of 100% to (-)100%

    next is that the 4 hour 55 ema for the current bar

    third is your 1 hour 100 sma for the current bar

    fourth is that the current bid

    crimson is the trendline which needs to break to send us into paradise.

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    im7i4z, Is it just me or are your fib studies drawn upside down???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    , Is it just me or are the fib studies drawn upside down???
    Upside down. Works for me-)

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    When we appearing in our charts we see our time frames, from 1min to 1week, but if you expand on historic data, not over time, I suggest Decades, then Our image is a lot clearer. We must look in the past, we could learn a lot for your future.

    CYCLES (approximate durations given):

    SUPER CYCLE: [from years]
    CYCLE: [one year to couple of years]
    PRIMARY: [few months to couple of years]
    INTERMEDIATE: [ months]
    MINOR: [months]

    Here we are:

    Once upon a time ....

    Only notice, WHY our relly stopped on 209.22

    P.S. I am using DATA from 30. OCT.1975, for your own reference, you can download attached ASCII file....

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    Some extra amounts, it's fascinating, Now FIBO works back in time... Lesson learned from yesteryear:

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    That your C = two target that is assumed hasn't yet been attained, are you seeing this current rally as?

    Or at what subwave of C do you believe to be in?

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    my volatility calculation gave me 189.50 area following last month's run... but I am using a free chart where sample error may be higher than your. Which feed you're using?

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