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    I remember back in February I posted a Chart with simillar Pattern #1, and #2, and YES they played with exactly the same way. (simillar waves, the exact same quantity of bars., etc..) Now simply to point situation, note exactly the position on 50ema [red] and 100sma [purple]. Quite interesting,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I recall back in February I published a Chart with simillar Pattern #1, and #2, and YES they played precisely the exact same manner. (simillar waves, the exact same amount of bars., etc..)) Now you to point situation that is very interesting, only note exactly the place on 50ema [red] and [purple]. Very interesting,
    Patterns do repeat them self, indeed. On lower TF, 208 appears to be a struggle.

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    Let us see if we can shut above 209 area also;

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    Here is my view: we're completing wave 4. The only point here is we expected wave 4 to be only standard one as a-b-c correction however, as it is possible to observe both two Corrective waves2, and #4 are using comlex paterns (zigzag, or something simillar (5 wave correction).

    (for you two charts) it's time for new wave DOWN

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    Price headed up. Although the rate of the breakout was unsatisfactory. Stayed 4 days above ascending triangle until we saw some (little) movements. Call me everything you want, but I was sure this fracture would lure buyers at numbers price to 213-214 area in good geppy manners. The street is simpler down than up right now, but I'll go with the trend if 214 area is removed.

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    my GBPJPY support and resistance trendlines. . And two options.
    Keep it simple...

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    another fascinating thing....

    Correlation with DOW and GJ is well known...

    here is exactly what happened. . GJ went down... and dow was encouraged... correlation was broken... because you can see in the white circles.... The yellow area is taken by me . But not dow went down while GJ was maintained... and now I can see that the equilibrium is attained again.... Both inside the yellow rectangle area. . Same as in 2006... prepared for another connected ride ? What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    my GBPJPY support and resistance trendlines. . And two options.
    Keep it simple...
    it sounds the yellow one is the only working
    somewhat more of dread fundamentals and will be crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    potential Wave IV finish

    it is all USDJPY once again anyhow.

    I'm going to post my updated favorite GJ count together with the development route that I also kept updated in my diary.
    This was revised across the line, but maybe not published here. Rode portion of the way around there together, was quite fun to really get paid swap for once

    I keep track of this stuff in my own scratchbook which is my diary only(where else?) .
    Sketched out a new potential Wave IV finish, shorted if we struck that indied in resistance place just below 214.
    Aiming for targets outlined on the updated chart(s) (new highs rather).

    Could have a short while though and we should have at least one quite tedious correction somewhere along the line in V.4.
    However, V.3 will probably be fun.

    Anything less than big charting just is not any fun anymore on some pairs

    Gene, where are you currently
    Tell me you're following all this together!

    Usual disclaimer - this can be a hobby count, I really don't trade off of EW(I do trade off of PA there was a wonderful pin bar at the s/r level indied in), but I do believe there are patterns in the market.

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    Just to show it does not need to be complex (I read a lot of articles like down and up on GJ, mad and how do anybody trade this).

    I believe we fight a lot because we're so used to late things influencing us. . .crossovers, signals. . .everything and everybody always is pleased to inform us the price already HAS achieved this or that(which all promote behavior which leads to selling near the low for its breakdown that never was, becoming stopped close to the low, then trying to buy into the high breakout which is not, either. . .and losing both ways. . .then two weeks after you look at it and go omg, an individual could have just made money money at the boundaries!) . . .but at times the anticipation is what counts, no?

    Here is a simplified version of a frequent movement pattern which generates consolidation(not necessarily this well comprised though). Thrust, correction, push =gt; target.

    GC 4h also had any occurences this season.

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