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    Seems the same as learning anything really, well thats been my experience anyway. Once you get to a certain level at trading you can earn cash, or carry a learned occupation with a reasonable degree of proficiency, does not mean that you will end or end up a consistant full time trader but you'll be good enough to give it a go and it should not cost you the earth.

    Aside from actually doing it, how would you find out if your good enough (intra day day trading)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I will not be a new in Forex trading but of course in this community . I have come into this for raising my trading experience quite rapidly , since I know so many professional traders and senior advisor always available in here and they're very supportive for beginners degree by real knowledgeable advice. Hope, everything will be fine .
    Hello Nathan..same with me personally. I come to forexintuitive for raising my trading skill. There is a lot of useful thread in this forum that you can read, learn and use on your live trading. Gud luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello Nathan..same with Me Personally. I return to forexintuitive for increasing my trading ability also. There's a lot of helpful thread within this forum which you can read, learn and use in your trading. Gud luck.
    If you would like to increase your trading knowledge , I propose besides this forum neighborhood commerce at a true account with minor balance , its a great mix for learning Forex trading at a proper way.

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    Hello partner

    only remember subject an emotion is part of the ket to achievement when visiting live.... A whole lot of ppl do nicely in demo an when icomes to their money they choke a blow off their account. .

    I utilize mt4 for charts, my taste.

    Great luck in the future an hope everything goes well. . Sorry didnt respond much other questions that is jus a quick reply


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