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Thread: 10 pips a day can make you rich quickly

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    Number of gained pips does not matter. Number of chances matter and risk collection per opportunity. There is also a ch - short term movements aren't so valid, entries has to be timed nicely and movement are extremely fast. It is extremely simple to burn out. If you are newbie you don`t want to chase moves.

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    10 pips profit on very first day and 30 pips loss on second day, its need two definitive non probabilistic day obtained 10pips for breakeven. If having a know that the move liberally just non probabilistic non random will going 10pips or over yeah sure.

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    This post started in 2006 so it has been 10 decades now, I want to find some words in the initiator, will make us newbies interested.

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    It is fantasy building a goal making 10 pips each day. There'll also be days with 10 pips reduction and those days you'll get frued and suddenly overtrade to get in line again with the plan. And then the losses and wiping out accounts begin.

    Now after many years of trading currencies a lot and a lot without having discovered the holy grail of a system to get consistently profitable it is as I see it longterm tendencies which could give one an advantage and a chance to become more profitable. Of course that's also a difficult task to do finding the ideal entrance points and then to stay disciplined to allow the trade run all the way to the projected profit taking level. I'm in a trade of this type. I will do an attempt to let it do its own job for at least two weeks or longer.

    Happy trading readers and fellow traders.

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    I think that one could be disciplined even if they are just searching for 10 pips per day. The number of pips does not really matter much, as long as one sticks for their own trading plan. And also a fantastic trading plan should account for reductions.

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    I will have to Mention using martingale came out good for me after sometime, 10 pips a day has to be used with huge ion and adequate Quantity of increase each time so during the months That the fortune will build Gradually

    Recall: no greed allowed

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    Its much simpler to say than do it. 10 pips per day for 365? Lets say u trade 300 days, and planning to earn 10 pips every time u trade. Okay, what the RR would be? How much capital u put in at the start? Yea I know, it does sound pretty incredible with the compounded profit, but it aint that easy my man, sad but true

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    The issue with compounding or with its expected end result to be precise comes really down to the consistency within a specified interval, in this case daily. The shorter the period, the shorter (and subsequently more regular) your transactions need to be. There are no daily winnings with transactions which run seven days - it should be common sense nonetheless for some people it's not. So the question if 10 pip per day (on average! I repeat: ON AVERAGE) is possible comes down to the question whether short term accuracy transactions are the thing or not. They are mine due to several reasons, a number of them are my pick or at least in my hands while some others are just that kind of coincidence I like to call fortune. Maintaining a trade through the night on the other hand is something that I could never do. Not looking over my transactions? Impossible. There's a second laptop on my loo (I am not kidding).
    Seeking the minute chart, appearing at alteration signals and how predictable the price turns at certain things, 10 pip per day is actuallyn't that hard. It becomes much harder if you call it a day following exactly 10 pips but a fool would do this.

    There are however other problems with daily compounding but whether you reach a certain target (be it 50k, or 100k or million) in one year or two, really shouldn't matter that way and gives you some room to lose a day or two or more simply pause compounding for a couple of days.

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    It may be silly to ask this question but since I am new I am very interested in how the calculation works in MT4. .
    So let us say I have $100 in my equilibrium I then open a trade with 0.01 volume. . Will my change in equity be the same as if I have $10000 and opening a trade using 0.01 volume?

    Sorry for the newb questions. . Because I was reading this 10 pips a day thing and just wondering how much 10 pips a day could actually lead to. .
    Thanks in advance)

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    I believe earning 10 pips a day can help you be a very profitable trader. At precisely the exact same time, losing 10 pips a day can cause you to drop a lot also. It functions both ways. Finally, to goal 10 pips per day, you would need to embrace a scalping approach and probably a very large probability one.

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