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Thread: How to change my timezone in MT4

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I found a fantastic indior on theforexintuitivewhich shows a dashed vertical line with the name of the exchange for that line so you can see what the pairs do at several openings. see attached pic. I think that it's called Market Panel Display Controller. image
    HI! Where can I do this indior? How accurate is your line currently doing?

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    Hi staff,

    I want assistance. How can I alter thr price line on the charts to Candles...I've attempted Alt 2 it refuced, clicked onto the Candles sticks onto the pub it still did not work. Some change although others have completely refused. I like Candle sticks

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    Yes, I know ,MT4 is one of the most used platforms and is suitable for the traders who are particularly newcomers. I still have not assessed MT5 through but from what I' ve heard , it's going to have more functions and more instruments are available for trading . Basically it would be far better than MT4. Anyone has any expertise about MT5?

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    In order to my trading experience, I believe MT4 and MT5 would be the exact same but MT4 isn't the fundamental because MT5 is fundamental too, also MT4 and MT5 build from scratch and with different programming language , so that's why there's not any MT5 backward compability using MT4, so MT4 seems like original and independent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi team, I want help. How do I change thr price line on the charts into Candles...I have tried Alt 2 it refuced, clicked the Candles sticks onto the pub it still did not work. Some change but others have refused. I favor Candle sticks
    In case you are speaking about MT4, go to the drop down menus at the top, select ViewToolbardsStandard and it will open a menu with buttons under the drop down menus. Buttons are ones that change between a price line, candlesticks and pubs.

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    According to my trading experience my vote goes to Meta trade 4. There's no doubt that MT4 is far stronger than every other trading platform. It's way too many resources in comparison to other platforms and quite simple to use. Since starting I am utilized to using MT4.

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    Mukai, there are also icons across the top of your mt4 platform which allow you to change from candles, smooth line, or even the bar chart.

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    Jaceanita, the search feature here is wonderful. Just search the name. . .market panel display control

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    In Fx trading , a lot of trader using MT4 , but last couple of month there are definite news that metaquotes will stopped development for MT4 and will concentrate on MT5, but do not now for sure, if this occur and MT4 no longer accessible hence as trader needs to convent into MT5.

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    MT4 remains the ideal platform which we need to use to trade Forex trading since by so doing I guess that we will have all the functions and features which will allow us to trade and get the ideal form here though some people still favor MT5.

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