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Thread: Difference between Demo and Live

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    My opinion is trading in real account is obviously better than trading in demo account since you can sense your real emotion, greed, timidity, hesitation... But it's the smartest to start demo trading till you know what forex is and what risk you are facing. No time to pour your cash in and start trading real right off because no matter how little your position is, a newbie can burn his account earlier or later. Demo until you know what you are currently doing. If you want to take it further after you are familiar with forex, then real trade with the minimal...
    Yep, everytime people tell my to better open micro than demo.

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    I agree that demonion has to be used to trial a platform or examine out a method.
    But its about LIVE account direction that new traders need to learn to manage. They must first manage their emotions. There are more systems than there are ways to manage emotions.

    Heres a traders site who talks alot about this type of stuff. Https://www.tradersreality.com/

    Check out it

    Joyful Trading

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    I believe demo account is good for beginners to learn about market movement, the purpose is not about the profit but on the understanding of doing this.
    It will be helpful too if you're backtesting your egy if you're an improvement trader. So maybe you're in the middle so that you find it useless.

    But anyhow It's always to ask opinion =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I think demo account is excellent for novices to learn about market movement, the point is not about the profit but on the understanding of doing this. It will be helpful too if you're backtesting your egy if you're an advance trader. So that you find it useless so perhaps you're in the midst. But anyway it is always to ask view =D
    never utilize demo account if you don't only test functions or test programmed code. Then it's possible to use demonion too, in the event you exchange mid or longterm term its different, but even the disadvantages would be to big.

    If you utilize demo against little cent account (or little real account) you lose so many advantages. Its one of the greatest mistakes somebody can do by beginning.
    You lose time, hold frequently in dumb egies that never work in actual accounts, you dont understand slippage or actual spreads movements or offquotes, you dont see actual cash and you don't have to restrain you with lotsize (or else you will have cash lost), either.... Its a record.

    And this is not always a beginner mistake, even advanced trader collapse frequently in this issue, analyzed something in demonion and neglected in actual account later, because adored weeks a dumb trading idea in demonion what was not able to have profits in fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yep, everytime men and women tell my to better open micro than demonion.
    Yes , I also prefer micro account than demonion , because after passing occasionally you an lost interest out of this trading place . I have not ever utilized in demo account when I was a newbie in forex . I had been last in Babypips and clinic in a micro account.

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    Demo accounts are perfect for novices to learn the many functions of this platform, examine and study charts, and most importantly, develop egies.

    However, you will see time and time again traders say that they did really well with a demo account, then really bad with a real one. There are just three reasons why...

    1) Plogy. Losing real money has a profound impact on decision making. No matter how closely you attempt to imagine your demo account is real money, you know that losing has no real consequences. And so, traders find it a lot easier to stick to a plan that has short term losses (as all egies do from time to time). Seeing your real money ebb away tick by tick is altogether different, and recognising the impact that has on your choices and ability to adhere to a egy is crucial. You'll only discover this by trading real money.

    Two) slippage. Although you do get slippage on demo accounts, in my experience it's nowhere near what happens in real life. With demonion, generally favourable slippage happens as unfavourable. That seldom is true with real money (where unfavourable slippage is considerably more likely) and this can have a make-or-break impact on certain egies.

    3) execution/liquidity. I developed a egy that in theory would work fine even at volatile instances, like the nfp etc.. With demonion trading, all was well. Live trading, well, let's simply say that reality bites!

    The dilemma is that brokers can't accurately simulate the effects of an illiquid market, due to its nature it's unpredictable. In demo, they'll assume your order will be filled. In fact, they **may** be able to fill your order at the requested price, they might not.

    The point is, you need to trade real money to find the real consequences.

    Thus, demonion trading is excellent for getting knowledgeable about the basics, learning how to use a particular platforms features, developing and testing egies and so on.

    But, once you've reached a stage that you are ready to go live, utilize a micro lot account so you can see the way your egy functions in the real market without risking huge sums. (Micro lots of 0.01 will generally risk only a few $ per trade, but it is dependent upon your egy)

    Take careful note of things like slippage, and higher volatility days like nfp, interest rate decisions, and other high-impact news, and adjust your egy accordingly.

    You may, as an instance, discover that the entire thing breaks down on these days, so opt not to trade then whatsoever.

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    No matter how much you practice on a demo account, you can't ever encounter some things that you will encounter on a live account.

    The most notable of all of them, in my opinion, is the emotional impact of having to risk your real money in a transaction. Until there when you hold your first real position in your live account, you will not ever be able to go through the fear or anxiety of getting some money on the line. There are other factors like greed or patience. You might close your real positions way sooner than where you would have closed them onto a real account, because of the 1 bird in hand is better than two on a buch mentality or dread of price reversing against you personally.

    And you might end up being greedy for more profit and flip already winning trades in to losing trades.

    So yeah, plogy of gambling is a big factor that you may only encounter on a live account. So give this aspect of it a little learning curve too if you're still learning on a demo account

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    So many traders emphasis on demonion trading for all time but I believe that the importance of demo account is not overly much. You're able to make profit with consistency by utilizing your trading egies in demonion , but when you move in live account you couldn't become maximum result as like demonion that you have earned. It's a matter that is mental.

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    Difference between live and demo? You can not make/lose cash.

    But demo is to get a individual ready to trade live. You forget that demo training cannot hurt a individual financially or cause plogical pain and insomnia such as a poor trade on a real account!

    When you truly accept and know the risks to trading fx, that is when you need to go live! Or if its 100 dollars you could care less about. . But a lot of times you may hear: I wish I had demo'ed more before I went live. It's great practice. But then again Losing money on a live account is good practice also lol

    Btw, a 50 lot commerce really doesn't influence the market... The market is huge. Consider how many traders are out there trading lots...

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