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Thread: Difference between Demo and Live

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    I think you should only use demo cash but every time you go bust, you need to punish yourself by paying someone to punch you in the face.

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    If you can not make fake money on a demo account, there's absolutely no reason to open a live one... and just because you can make fake money on a demo is no reason to think you can make real money on a live one.

    Emotions are a fickle beast and they effect everyone... it's only natural that you believe you are resistant to those deficiencies. It's possible to come, but only after alot of work.

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    I believe demo is crucial. Yes, of course together with live account your emotions and excitement will double, but just with demo you can really test your egy.
    Now, consider this:
    - If your egy worked on a demo for, say, 3 monthes, and you hadn't reset the account - there's a high chance it will work on a live account.
    - When it is not - no possibility it will work on a live account, therefore it just saved you out of bowing an extremely real cash...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Which is far better to learn forex?

    Lots of people overemphasize the importance of demonion trading. Demo account is like ABCD..in forex and also to orient you to the trading terminal software and forex glossaries.

    In my 6 months of live adventure I find, in retrospect, demonion is unworthy.

    Demo will never provide you with the thrill, concentration, motivation to perform best and maintain your account workable. And also demonion is like dissection of a dead body (with no reflex). Just Live trading with Micro/Nano account will give you the opportunity to learn actual forex.

    I started trading as a pupil without great money background with just 50 bucks . . I have never exchange demonion at begining at it was . . During 3 months long holiday I commerce 16 hours a day, it was great! My view is apparent, save some money, which can be enought for you and start trade actual. In actual trading you may feel real effects, actual stress, actual profits and actual losses.

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    My journey:

    1) First six months with demo account.
    Two) After achieving some equilibrium (one month with breakeven outcomes),
    opened a micro reside account.
    3) Blew up four micro accounts so far (3 years).

    The Good News!! ... within the previous three months I had a 2% profit. Moneywise, It is nothing, but it's the very first profitalbe Three-Months time I end up becoming profitable. It definetly means a advancement and improvement. I shall move to mini account after being always profitable (more than 15 percent on annual basis) for at least 15 weeks, and will be on two phases (bigger account micro, subsequently mini..hopefully)

    The other Good news is that should I have to restart it all over again, I will do exactly the same (1st 6 weeks demo, then micro accounts of that the initial few will most probably be blown up).

    Last notice. I began trading with 1:200 leverage, and now I trade with 1:10. I asked my broker to fix leverage in my account as such.

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    I really feel that for learning forex trading is the very best way trade actual account. I personally jumped into actual account and it was best faculty of forex. But of course, first deposit ought to be little, until you will be certain, that your trading style is enought strong to trade bigger rankings.

    Personally favor Money Management with higher risk, because it's possible to deposit smaller ammount and I feel comfortable with it.

    It is not about complete deposite size, because cash are extremely relative, for millionaire is 50 000 $ deposit identical like for average employee 500 $ deposit.

    Biggest difference, between demo trading and real trading is, that in actual trading you feel dread, pain and all psychical bad things ... btw, when I was with my first account in missing I feel quite terrible, but it was best motivation, because peoples strongest feeling is angry.

    Initially two weeks I have break up two trading accounts, but I didnt give up and after another 12 weeks of real trading I started to be profitable . . I have begun with 0.01 lot rankings and in 12 months I have traded consistantly 5 - 10 lots places.

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    Hello fellow traders,

    I'm new to forex trading and I'm new to the forum so that I can't start a new thread. However, this thread is perhaps the most relevant for my question.

    I'm currently trying distinct fx brokers to determine which suits me best. Each has their own version of Meta Trader 4 that I believe to be the ideal platform for my limited knowledge.

    So I opened an account with MRC Market, FXOpen, and Oanda just to download the MT4 app the live statistics.

    Straight away I detect that there is a substantial difference when it comes price quote on all 3 progr, although all are using the exact same platform. I am aware that it isn't that big considering we're utilizing 5 decimal points, but that then affects all of my indiors. I've got various readings from all them.

    Is this a normal phenomenon? That each fx broker quote their own prices otherwise? Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to contribute to the forum.

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    I believe that going demonion is much better than beginning with a hyper-small account and here's why...

    Money Management - it is my belief at this point that your money management program is the most important factor in your own trading. It far exceeds the actually egy you use since there are dozen of egies that work and you only need to find one which meshes with the way you need to trade and with your schedule. Money management, however, is universal across all systems. The one thing which comes close is using a 2:1 R/R ratio on a system which has 38% real wins or better. Other than that, it is money management.

    I'm looking to trade to win. Period. That means I'm going to be funding a live account with more than $1,000. That means I want to know if my money management schema is going to fit up to my machine in such a way that when (not if) I hit a losing streak, it keeps the boat afloat to a $1,000 account.

    The money management program I'm using is a stairstep setup rather than a tough 2 percent of account or 1% of account kind of thing. There are not any steps for $100, $200, or $500 since being successful at those amounts is not going to really change one's lifetime in the timeframe which I'm expecting to find benefits. That means I can not test the most significant part the whole trading schin-dig by using nano accounts. I can start a demo with the same amount of funds that I'm going to risk at a live account and move to town. That's my plan and I'm sticking with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I believe that going demonion is better than starting with a hyper-small account and here's why...

    Money Management - it's my belief at this point your money management plan is the most important element in your trading. It far exceeds the really egy you use as there are dozen of egies that work and you just have to find one which meshes with the way you need to trade and with your own schedule. Money management, however, is universal across all systems. The only thing which comes close is having a 2:1 R/R ratio onto a system which has 38%...
    Yes, this post says it all and much better than I could have, fine.

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    Newbie thoughts experience:

    Demo is completely different from live account (fore at least).

    I do not take demonion too badly. The funny thing is that I am in profit in demo the majority of the time and at a live account I am constantly losing.

    When I take it easy I win. I am not saying that I am not concentrated in demo mode or that I am careless. It is just I have a different mindset and it seems to work much better.

    When I drop in Live account things begin to get ugly, when I am in demonion I do not care, and because I do not have any weight in my shoulders I tend to make better choices without involving feelings, then I win greater.

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