Difference between Demo and Live
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Thread: Difference between Demo and Live

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    Which one is better to learn Currency Market?

    Lots of people overemphasize the importance of demo trading. Demo account is like ABCD..in Currency Market and also to direct you to the trading terminal software and Currency Market glossaries.

    In my 6 weeks of live experience I find, in retrospect, demo is unworthy.

    Demo won't ever provide you with the thrill, concentration, motivation to do best and maintain your account viable. And also demo is like dissection of a dead body (with no reflex). Only Live trading using Micro/Nano account will provide you the opportunity to learn real Currency Market.

    1. Demo account: IMHO-Demo are useless as your order dose not rely in the real match, ie, market isn't considering your order, so in the event that you put a 50 lot order in demo, it is possible to double your account overnight. Not true for real.

    2. Actual account. With micro account with 0.01 lot (really a nonolot.) .
    IMHO, If you dont have 100 $ (to start a micro account ) to invest to learn than you should not deserve to learn.

    I am still in my first 6 month of live micro account trading.

    Whats your view...? I love your view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Which is far better to learn FX?

    Lots of individuals overemphasize the significance of demonion trading. Demo account is similar to ABCD..in FX and also to orient you to the trading terminal software and FX glossaries.

    In my 6 weeks of live experience I find, in retrospect, demonion is useless.

    Demo won't ever provide you with the thrill, immersion, and motivation to do best and maintain your account workable. And also demonion is similar to dissection of a dead body (with no reflex). Just Live trading using Micro/Nano account will provide you the chance to learn actual FX.

    Neither... Stop thinking cash whilst you are learning and focus on learning the market. Do what you feel is my information. If you believe you've stumbled across a system which you believe can make you cash and you wish to begin earning money with it... go... If you blow you are account... begin again... Go back to demonion... Do anything you feel is right for your current situation... All you will get is either a lesson or a reward. There is no right answer, just do SOMETHING. Only you know what's the right thing for you to do. If you fk upward, then that's fine, only learn from it and keep going.

    Just get your hands dirty and find out something from something every day. Of course never lose cash you can not afford to lose, so if you go live, by all means put yourself down a draw limit (say 25% for example) that if your account balance strikes you will instantly stop live trading and reassess your system (back testing or demonion).

    I believe learning trading is a lot about being humbled over and over, until you learn a respect for the market which will allow you to take it seriously enough to listen to. You're success will depend on your desire to succeed. Just get amongst it.

    To answer the question right they (reside and demonion) both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Neither... Stop thinking cash whilst you're learning and focus on learning the market. Do what you believe is my advice. If you think you've stumbled across a system that you think can make you cash and you wish to begin earning money with it... go... Should you blow you're account... start again... Go back to demonion... Do anything you feel is right for your current situation... All you will receive is either a lesson or a reward. There's no right answer, just do SOMETHING. Only you know what's the right thing for you to do. Should you fk up, then that is...
    Thank you. . !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Btw, a 50 lot commerce really doesn't affect the market... The market is huge. Think about how many traders are out there trading lots...
    Is that correct. . ? Are you sure. . ?

    Market consistently tends to proceed the contrary to your order, particularly if your order is big.

    50 lot is buying or selling 5,000,000 $ order . .right?

    1 lot=10 $/pip
    50 lot = 500$/pip

    For long term trading if you want to accept bigger stoploss (~200 pips or longer as your buffer ie. 100000 $), is that functional in any way?

    Traders please remark that...

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    If you believe Live is better , go with this . It's not about how others folks learn how to master FX trading successfully , it is about your personal conclusions , please know that everyone have their own distinct skills , different perspectives , different emotions , so they will have different techniques to learn trading also . FX isn't about winning as far as possible , it is about how to shed successfully . After you can learn yourself , then you can master anything readily . As my own experience, I have not exchanged any demo account longer than one month lol , I blow out over 30 live account , but it did not signify I was not successfully and I'm going in a wrong manner , consequently today I'm making some profits yearly , though not far as my first fantasy but the most value is I'm not paying for my bad feelings , of course I really like the pure income that I'm getting monthly , my second goal was compounding and making a better life afterward .
    In case you don't wanna commerce on DEMO , then you can just sit back and watch for charts , make your choices in your mind and find out how it go , it is another way to control your patience , demo isn't the only key . The only thing I must admit that DEMO will not make you eliminate any money except the internet monthly fees lol .
    Good Trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is that right. . ? Are you sure. . ?

    Market always tends to proceed exact the opposite to your order, particularly if your order is large.
    I like these questions!

    When you place an order, the Market does not proceed against your order on purpose. The market is produced by buyers, sellers, and individuals waiting to buy and sell.

    When the price moves against your order... then it simply means there are far more People out there shing the market exactly the other way.

    The market does not have an agenda to make you lose money!

    50 lots is 5 million, but read this:
    in line with this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank_fo...al_Settlements,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign...ite_note-BIS-2 at April 2010, average daily http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revenue in global foreign exchange markets is projected at $3.98 trillion.


    3,980,000,000,000 Daily.

    If you and I were the only participants in the market... If you bought 50 lots on EURUSD and that I sold 50 lots, then the market would not move!
    It just takes one person to choose the opposite side of your trade to cancel any impact your commerce could have on the market.

    If what I am saying seems interesting, I got all the information from Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. The book gets to the topic a lot better in comparison to what I explained haha. It edues people a fantastic way to view the market / instructs the right mindset to view the market.

    You can find a pdf online!

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    1. First Question:
    When I asked you to go a Casino this week just how much can you afford to lose without it effecting your life ?

    2. Open a Demo account on a MT4 Platform and load account together with the quantity you answered above. Tons of videos on YouTube on how to use Platform.

    3. Start demo trading and show your results into some other Trader as this makes you take accountability to other people.

    4. Only after that when have doubled the account without needing to Reload the Demo together with funds. Start considering Live Trading, double the account then double it. Now you know you have an ability to Trade.

    5. Live Trading - Once doubling and doubling again a Demo you'll probably blow off your very first Live account. Why ? Trading Plogy and emotions kick in because you have an attachment to this Cash you deposited.

    6. Congratulations your currently a Trader

    Six steps condensed lol since there's a ton to learn between each step


    Most just want to go straight to reside

    Nah I ai not performing Demo, it ai not real I'm moving Live. Ferrari in six months

    I don't support the producers of the above videos nor do I really want you to use there services. Only the content has a message to you

    Safe Trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Many only want to go straight to reside

    Nah I ain't doing Demo, it ain't real I am moving Live. Ferrari in six months
    lol great videos. .

    Okay, I just thought of something for Mua. . To be a GREAT trader. . You're going to need PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE. I am not there yet, but realize this is just what a demo account trains.

    If you are not willing to put in time and effort even with demo trading... you know what I mean?

    Don't be in such a rush to generate money is all I am saying. With this said. . I need to have a break this week and ch up on some reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    3,980,000,000,000 Daily.
    It's a deceiving number since a huge portion of it is consumed by bank to bank/ dealer to dealer transactions. The real actual raw money value that get's transacted is actually a hell of a lot smaller.

    For example if state Microsoft wanted to bring their UK profits into the US they do so through a bank who chooses that transaction for the conversion. Say it's a large amount like 100 million dollars and the Bank can't/ won't/ does not wish to take on the risk of holding 100 million or perhaps simply can't/ won't fill the required conversion at that time... therefore the bank moves it on to a different dealer who accepts it who breaks it up and moves it to another who desires the liquidity or for any reason. Etc etc.. The banks want the company but not the risk so they perform hot potato for all those private motives they have for your money being offered. Whether that's liquidity restraints/ requirements or risk aversion. Maybe even speculation.

    Each time the money is passed about it counts towards that 3 trillion dollar figure so the initial 10 million dollars might be transacted into by the close of the day 100, 200, 500 million based on the action and curiosity/ or lack there of in the currency.

    I am not sure of exact figures but hopefully you get the idea.

    So in the end the actual amount needed to maneuver the price is actually a lot bigger than you would think. Also divide the daily turnover rate by the number of currencies pairs you will find such as crosses, take a very low quantity time of the day such as the few hours prior to the Asian session and you would be amazed I think at exactly how easily you can bump the market several pips. Ya know... if you are into that sort of thing

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    haha thanks for the clarifiion! I'm far from having a bankroll that will enable me to move the market!

    I wanted to point out when a large order is placed, the market doesn't move against the trader because of that order, it takes other traders putting in orders in the opposite direction to accomplish that. It merely takes 1 trader to negate the effects of your trade. As small traders it is far better to ch waves instead of create them.

    So there's no difference in orders that you put live or on demonion impacting the market. 100 pip moves are not created by any single small trader. Market motion should still be the same if you trade demo or live!

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