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Thread: Cowboyfx live calls for free, get rich or go broke trying

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Long EU and and Each dip.... tp 153. Xx
    Are you still long eurusd? It has been down since Monday.

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    Long EU long GU....Use good Money sustain Drawdown upto 1.4320 area....

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    Hello Syafi,
    Great to see you are still doing well! Can you please place your monthly fibs. Regardless of where I download monthly fib pivots out of, they don't seem to match yours. When I could please, I want to match yours , although I am sure the mistake is mine. Thank you Beforehand.

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    Different broker possibly ?

    Its just minor I believe.... Utilize what you have it cant change much...

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    You Can Begin breathing man
    Price is Moving your way, Nevertheless need to raise a Couple of pips, but here we go
    Best regards
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I see Ca$h

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    New for this particular thread, find it quite intriguing.

    This looks to be a very good system, interested in learning more.

    How can you establish the pivot Point for the daily chart, on a monthly basis?

    Congratulations on this handsome Son. Quite a picture of you and him.

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    This is actually not a good or the best system,
    that is just a simple system to trade with.

    Eventhough that the Fibonacci Pivot is good, the fantastic old
    handdrawn S/R work better many more times....

    Only start the chart, look where price Stop after a
    good rally or decrease and mark it as a point of interest.

    Afterward, if you intend on buying.... Buy on every dip in
    your point of interest. Or if you anticipate selling, Sell on
    every stage of interest it hit.

    I typically close person trades as soon as it reveals me good profit,
    but holding until most position in profit may also pays well...

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    exit $302.98 yippie kai yi yay mo fo

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