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Thread: Cowboyfx live calls for free, get rich or go broke trying

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    Brief GU 2.0028 SL Reverse Position If struck 2.0056
    Extended GU 2.0056 SL Reverse Position if struck 2.0028

    frankfurt would be fine time to input trade.
    TP anywhere between 100-200 pip would be fine.

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    It has been a great short, today we begin grabbing the GBP.... Dont let it fall too low....

    Long GU... and add more on every fall.... Spare margin upto 1000 pip Drawdown including all the incorporating, TP anything between 100-500 pip would be good.

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    so how can last 3 month transaction sum up ? ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    U said it 1 month earlier...


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    HI, just saw your thread... Just wondering do you exchange mainly EUR/JPY?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    U said it 1 month earlier...

    yes but was not completely right, there were retracement back to examine the top directly on mid july .... But we consider what we can

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    They give me the best price,,,.... Not even recorded in any chart....

    I love my broker... hahaha

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    Long EU and and every dip.... tp 153. xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have Sell limit on R3 for GBP/JPY at 214 area....
    There is no loss only profit ...
    Marvelous... two month later .... Who would have believed....
    It shows, patience great Money Management pays if you are being wrong...

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