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Thread: Cowboyfx live calls for free, get rich or go broke trying

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    No SL ? ... I have SL put at the MC degree
    and follow good MM, 10 cent as 1 lot on a $1000 account
    R1 R2 R3 = 1 lot each.

    If price broke above R3 afterward come into play our rescue
    with two lot 3 lot 5 lot plus 8 lot in higher price level utilizing monthly Fibonacci skew.

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    Looks like a winner since it is very over bought charts but watch that Trichet lol.

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    Yeah but as you stated add and add lol. Together with your own body and money man that is good you can only get more whenever you're wrong the first time.

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    exactly ....

    We get less when we're right and get more when we're wrong...

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    , Possibly pick up my 3rd entry @ 168

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    Was gj so thus a wonderful spot to get in on the action, I can afford to go lol that is brief

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    New June 2008 Trade

    Short GBP/JPY Target 205.86

    1 lot 209.20
    two lot 211.30
    3 lot 214.80

    Long GBP/JPY Target 205.86
    1 lot 202.50
    two lot 200.30
    3 lot 196.90

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    Nice something to aim for. I enjoy

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