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Thread: Cowboyfx live calls for free, get rich or go broke trying

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    OK. Changed directions. Now ZAR/JPY that is short. HURRRRRRRRY!!!!

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    Why you need UJ when there is GJ and EJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Why you need UJ when there is EJ and GJ
    I want it coz am inside ...

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    Today we GJ.
    1 204.60
    1 203.60
    2 202.60
    3 201.60

    TP 210

    Lol. Any opinion?

    Cowboy, this is the thread. Plz let me know if you donot like that.

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    Taking a quarter place here looking to get 200-300 pips. I'll add a position, if it dips 300.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    carrying a quarter position looking for 200-300 pips. If it dips 300 I'll add half a position.
    There you have your 200 pip

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    auch, I am sorry I cant help with UJ.
    Its ok I ll try my best ix t . . Maintain give ur . . I lke ur shorts n longs

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    Short EUR/JPY 161.95 SL 162.56 TP 160.60 4H Peak Valley Trading

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