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Thread: Cowboyfx live calls for free, get rich or go broke trying

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There has been lots of good calls and bad calls, clustering 's call/discussion thread.

    Since it is with lots of great trader, when they start to overshadow the original contributor, it imply the time has come, for them to start their own following. .

    .... Introducing Turn1to100, Breeze and many more Forex professionals ....

    Lets discuss our chart, and system to get 50% daily profit ! Or go.

    .... Warning Trade at your own risk ....
    Cowboys don't cry when they have bullet into their gut
    Sir, I am very impressed by you opening the thread, I hope you will still see Aus thread as I do enjoy your own posting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Allow me to be the first to make a call here...
    Short Gbp/Jpy @ 237.08, and proceed start praying. Discontinue 237.40, TP 236.10

    Great for 30 - 40 pip TP

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    Where are the calls? I'm prepared to pull the trigger with 10 std lots (50% of my account) and proceed for that 300 pip commerce and take the next 6 weeks off!!!! Imagine if it goes against me? No problem...I will only work as a servant for another 5 years to save enough money so that I can take my shot (LOL)!!!!!

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    My impulse for a call.
    This might be a real winner:
    Short EUR/USD until the sun comes up again here in the north.

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    USDCHF gt; Short
    GBPUSD gt; Long
    EURUSD gt; Long

    follow your own MM

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    236.10. . .Good limit just watch out to Dow recover should be protected until 12pm EST if not reached by then
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Great for 30 - 40 pip TP

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Already short gbp/jpy out of 237.39
    Man what's the TP SL ? Can it be time established ?

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    Wow. Here we proceed

    Call No. 1

    short gbp/jpy with goal 150 down and end 150 upward
    extended gpy/jpy with goal 150 upward and prevent 150 down

    Every call's a winner!!!

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    Just got a buy signal on the ZAR/JPY. Hurry up before it changes!

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