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Thread: What helped you the most to be profitable?

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    No doubt my trading plan is my primary strength! Basically, I have made my trading plan based on my trading knowledge and experience on technical and fundamental analysis.

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    How much you can make by using your trading egy in per month ?

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    Any trading plan fundamental or technical can be stronger
    if there's most effective money managing plan.

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    Stick to my goals and have a Cease loss, don't worry out.

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    I became a better trader the moment I started controlling my emotions. I discovered how to stick to my plans no matter how positive the market is in the moment. This is essential for any trader. Getting greedy is a terrible thing when it comes to trading. Have a trading program, a daily target and keep it up.

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    Every trader is different, many people are unable to use the very same egies, you'll simply need to take the initiative to learn exactly what kind you are as you progress.
    The very first thing for me was the belief in ones self, then there came the huge number of funds out there, but MY biggest secret to success within the market, is using a mentor who is patient, prepared, and open minded.
    I follow trends, and with renko charts it cleans up much of the noise you are used to seeing the conventional charts.
    Never allow your feelings get the better of you, you'll want a set amount of Risk to reward ratio rather than steer from this, always maintain a cap on the amount you're prepared to risk.

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    After a time you may learn that you need to ignore 99 percent of what people speaking. Most dont understand what they do and just want to be shiny Internet Marketer. (The success rate of Internet Marketer is nearly the one in gambling. People dont need to think the desire to follow. Like me.
    You need to consider yourself. And dont believe anyone who shows you money in theire dumb youtube channel.

    Time doesnt mean anything in gambling. Follow price not time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    3. Do not trade against the tendency, always wait graph.confirmation of your own thoughts.
    The trends are normally the basic indiors to trade profitably for almost any new trader in order that they need to begin trading by learning the trends and providing importance to understand how the support and resistance works in trading.

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    Books mainly. And some live account losses.

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