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Thread: What helped you the most to be profitable?

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    My trading plan helps me a lot to manage my daily trading goal quite comfortably! But until today, sometimes I fail but in average I'm a profitable Forex trader, that is my comfy zone! I think, here 1st of all we have to know first our powerful zone and weak zone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It's best to learn independently from a variety of trusted sources e.g. well-rated publiions on amazon. Every author will have his/her own approach and it is your job to determine what you think in. Finding a mentor is really hard. Most of sc, and superior ones convinced will not come cheap.
    There is also a lot of available information that may be found free of charge - tutorials, lessons on Youtube, etc.. One does need to pay for books right away.

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    Trading on a live account is the one thing which testifies that you truly have the discipline to implement what you've studied from whatever your learning origin is. . .weather it be Book,Video's,Audio-books etc

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    Copying the egy of a profitable buddy that is swing trading. He doesn't use any sort of indior, only pure candlestick.

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    I've been struggling to understand how to trade based on pure price action signals for quite some time now with a demo account. I'm progressing, I think, but I still need indiors from time to time at least. I still prefer indior trading within my account.

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    Properly report support and resistance, cash management and follow rules, be less plogical potential. .

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    The sooner you learn to trade the daily trend just,the greater. DONT trade against the tendency!!!! The gbp/jpy and aud/jpy do,on average, move the most,giving the best chance of succeeding.

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    1. Stick to the egy
    2. Do not use mart
    3. Do not trade against the tendency, always wait graph.confirmation of your own thoughts.

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    For me it had been when I began to apply simple risk and cash management principles and stick with them.

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    It was a job interview for a company that was forex liquidity provider.
    I didn't do this job, but I had intriguing conversation with the manager of the company, and he told me something which has frozen me.
    He told me that his firm earns on being around the opposite side of trades, however they weren't the forex brokers.

    This conversation gave me a positive motivation to inspect the market in another manner.


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