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Thread: What helped you the most to be profitable?

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    I've been trading for almost 6-7 decades now, I have always struggled for consistency, but in recent times (5-6 months); I've able to work out things that a lot better. The thing that's changed for me within this period is that now I've stopped worrying too much. Formerly if my commerce was in loss, I'd really be concerned too much and include more lot size or do all mad items. But now, I simply forget it and stick to what I chose while opening with place SL and TP, it has dramatically increased profit making for me and more importantly, that sudden wipe out is gone.

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    In helping us in getting the first advantage is already the maximum science, experience, and more capable to risk control. Her sure if we have the aim to become Prosperous in forex trading, then the process definitely be taken seriously as well, and the outcomes Aren't disappointing

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    Mark Douglas, Trading in the Zone His probabilistic mindset made all the difference.

    This publiion set the market up in ways most others do not speak about. It is the fundamental for my analysis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What turned you a better trader and profitable?Turning points?
    Coding nearly every f****** egy and evaluating it.
    Better then 10K novels...

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    I have been trading for many months now with a live account and learned a lot... sadly there is a price to pay if you make the decision to be a trader. You have to make errors and learn from the mistakes, I believe that is the only way to be a profitable trader, that and display time. I am 19 years old and in school, I remember long nights and early mornings, attempting to intake as much info as I could about Forex. I practically sacrificed my GPA lol, talk about a price to pay.

    There are a few weeks where I would earn a lot of money, but then lose it all the next week due to over-leveraging. Risk only what you are comfortable with, and manage your transactions appropriately. I remember one trade where I lost 10 percent of my account and grabbed myself pulling my own hair and breaking up a sweat during the transaction since I risked SO far on a single trade. I had been certain that the market was going to go 1 way... the market my dumbass.

    and discipline. Traders fail since they overtrade. You must await the best transactions to present itself to you, then pull on the trigger. Sit on your hands, await the BEST transactions, avoid the I'm not certain, let us try trade (I got this out of Tunera, props to you, actually opened my eyes).

    Pick 1 pair, stick with this 1 pair, and find out it. You can of course raise the amount of currency pairs once you get more experience but you will be stressing and trying to take in all this unnecessary info from several pairs, you can bank in plenty of pips with just 1 pair.

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    Study all market requirements. . You've got to have the ability to identify a trend and a range in real time. . Otherwise, you may get chop into pieces. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Study all market conditions. . You have to be able to recognize a trend and also a range in actual time. . If not, you may get chop into bits. .
    Great information. I would add that it is a fantastic idea to determine what you trade better - range or trend - and - learn to trade only through market conditions which are favourable for you.

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    For me getting a good trading instruction is what helped create me profitable.

    You will find alot of dodgy teachers on the market.
    The best method to find an excellent instructor is by testimonials and recommedations.
    Word of mouth. Those that have attempted their services and can report that really they are honest and legitimate.
    I learnt to trade out of a 40 year veteran and today I earn consistent profits.

    An account of mine trades automatically making me consistent routine profits too.
    You will find alot of self proclaimed gurus. These men are definitely not that.
    These men are some of the finest in the industry and also have partnered with several superior teachers to provide you some fantastic bonuses, valued at nicely 1000 USD.
    Check them out. The Supreme Forex Course that a Forex Trading Course for Beginners - (https://www.tradingcourse.net). It's one of the few certified Courses available online today.

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    Ok so what helped me gain profit in Foreign Exchange and outside? Its easy, use your free time sensibly, like aside from trading with hotforex mainly, I still manage to maintain a part time job, and small company and be pleased at what I do. Its not that difficult, it minimizes the possibilities losing by gaining from something different? haha

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    Stop losses I guess. They've been saving my @ss many times, I'd lost fortune and could not survive some deadly trades if hadn't wise and scrupulously build MM system.

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