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Thread: What helped you the most to be profitable?

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    The most profitable thing I learned?

    Learning if NOT to trade!! Still working on it, but it can save you countless pops

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    Blowing off an account made me understand a lot of things, and among the most helpfull thing I've heard is to remain calm and do things slow, when unsure don't trade for not trading means not dropping

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    Joining forex mill

    this is my very first post!

    Seriously though, I would need to say never giving up. I'm not even a profitable trader but if I gave up. . I'll never know.

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    Experience, studying, trying over on broker ) hanging out with friends who used to exchange ... ) its an entire thing !

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    Shorting with no signal (parabolic chart, new highs). Becomes instinctive after awhile.

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    The biggest factor for me was shing my Foreign Exchange broker after blowing my account since they just had set lots minimal of 10000units. . .an simple way to blow off a mini account. After that, placing take profits at specified targets on all trades 20 pips. . .so what when it when on for 100 more pips, a profit is a profit.I rarely use stop losses as my target profit pips is so low. After I get this constantly on all setups I#314;l decide to increase it. Also avoiding the occasions lower than one hour and commerce in the path that the daily is moving, the majority of the times.
    On a practice account start it with the amount that are really going to use in your live account. If you plan to go using $250 and practice with $20000, you will realize that you do great in training but loose all your money using the same way once you go live, so if you going to go live with $250 practice with earning $250 profitable, I'd state for at least 6 weeks. In case you cant do that, u will just loose all your cash when u go live. Finally learn how to use bollinger bands and basic charting patterns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Shorting with no signal (parabolic chart, new highs). Becomes instinctive after awhile.
    Please explain further.Your method.Thank you

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    1 Attachment(s) Thank you guys for your input signal.
    I opened account 2k after demonion trading 2weeks. Needless to say certain bad habits learned from demonion hurt me badly.Mainly that I had been risking way too much and after each loss kept doing exactly the exact same just to get deeper in the hole.
    My account shrunk to non 1.190 in 3 weeks and that is when I began really disciplining myself.Reduced my risk.Added sudden benefit- less strain and more clarity.
    I created 60 last 3 times that brings my account to 1.250. 2 of greatest wins were shorting EU on longer time period.
    Most of my previous losses were because of 1m time frame.Now I recognize how damaging that has been.
    Up to now I am using Stock TDI for a guie.I don't blindly follow but use it to affirm. I find Heken i candles genuine useful.
    Here is the way my chart resembles.
    I am still confused about appropriate way to draw fibo lines.From which highs to that lows.Can someone clarify this to me referring babypips since their explanation is inadequate.Thank you.


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    The longer I failed the closer I got to winning, easy to see today...

    I dont believe I might have been where I am today without doing the mistakes I did, even when I knew what I know today... the pain and the tears is the price we all profitable traders have to pay...

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